why is yeti so expensive

6 Reasons to Why Is Yeti So Expensive and Is It Worth the Buck?

Why is Yeti so expensive – If you’re planning a day out at the beach, or a weekend camping trip, then you want to get a good cooler. And if you want to go for the best, most people know that you need to go for the Yeti brand cooler.

But investing in a Yeti cooler is not for the faint of heart, whilst they are definitely at the top of the list when it comes to high-quality coolers, you also pay for the privilege of owning one. 

But is the price tag worth it? Are the specs on a yeti cooler that much better than its competitors that you should pay twice as much? This article will take a deep dive look at why Yeti coolers are so expensive, and whether they’re actually worth it. 

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No one wants to admit it really, but the most accurate reason why Yeti coolers are so expensive is simply that they’re branded and marketed and sold as an expensive and luxury item.

When things are designed to look and sound as high-quality as Yeti is then you’ll find that a lot of people are willing to pay that premium just so that they can show off the fact that they can afford the luxury. 

Yeti is THE fancy cooler brand, where most other companies use them as a baseline, comparing their own products to Yeti in terms of quality, build, and price. Very similar to the iPhone, actually.

Whilst they’re not necessarily better than the competitors, they look and sound fancier, people know that they are THE fancy smartphone. 

Compared to other high-end coolers, Yeti holds the top position pretty comfortably, although there are a couple of other brands starting to inch closer to it, like Pelican. 

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As well as having made a name for itself in the high-end coolers, Yeti keep their name alive with elaborate, documentary-style ads. Other companies might put a heavy emphasis on the specs or the hardware when advertising their products, but not Yeti. 

They’re so sure that people trust their quality that they don’t even need to bother with what their product is doing for your produce or meat. No, their advert comprises mostly of what this cooler does for your social life. 

The premise of their ads is clear: you don’t need a Yeti cooler to keep your food and drinks cool in summer, you need a Yeti cooler because it will make you a better person.

A Yeti cooler will make your life an adventure and make people want to be your friend. 

Who doesn’t want a cooler that can do all of that? 

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Getting In Early

The best thing that Yeti did for itself was be founded before there were really any other luxury coolers.

Back in 2005/2006 when Yeti was first joining the market, the only other alternatives with those cheap things you could pick up from Target or Wallmart, the kind that everyone has in their garage but don’t really work very well and usually just get used as storage for other things. 

Yeti were able to establish themselves as a well-manufactured, over-engineered cooler that would actually do what it was supposed to (and do it well), so people who wanted to make a statement flocked to them.

When you’re the first brand to create a line of products like this then you generally don’t have to worry too much about the competitors. 

Controlling Distribution 

Yeti were actually very clever when it came to their distribution rights, and where they wanted this product to be sold.

Most importantly, they refused to be sold as massive chains like Wallmart or Costco, opting instead to only allow small, local stores to stock and sell the Yeti coolers. 

This means that the local stores get better business, but also that Yeti seem like a more authentic, “mom and pop†brand, which helps the down to earth vibe that they try to give off. 

In fact, there was once a time that Costco started selling Yeti coolers, and Yeti tracked down their supplier and shut it down. No big brands selling this product! 

Another interesting little tidbit is that Yeti sell their coolers to stores with a very small margin, which means that stores can’t afford to discount them and still make a product, which is one of the reasons that Yetis are never on sale. 

Features and Innovation

I don’t want it to seem as though I’m knocking the quality of these coolers because generally, they really do feel as high-quality as you’d expect.

This is a brand that knows it’s high-quality and makes sure that you feel it. The build and finish are excellent, you definitely feel as though you’re getting what you paid for. 

There are also other features and innovations that the company put out that helps justifies the price (or at least some of the price).

For example, these coolers boast a 5-10 day ice retention and a crazy amount of insulation. They also claim to be basically indestructible and bear-proof. 

These seem like really great features, however, I do think that it’s worth mentioning that you can get coolers will all of these features (and sometimes more) for a mere fraction of the cost. Yeti’s features are great, but they’re not unique.

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Bottom Line

Yeti coolers are so expensive because they were the first luxury cooler brand on the market, they marketed and distributed their products very cleverly, and although they have some great features, the best thing about them is the name. 

Yeti brand coolers are so expensive because they’re Yeti brand. You definitely get your money out of them, but you could also find something just as good for half the price, so it’s up to you whether you think that it’s worth the cost.

6 Reasons to Why Is Yeti So Expensive and Is It Worth the Buck?