How To Select A Senior-Friendly Bicycle?|Tips To Get A Senior-friendly Bike

There are certain decisions that you will have to make before making a purchasing decision. You need to realize that different types of bikes are categorized due to a reason. If you are looking for the what is the best bicycle for seniors then this article has got you covered with in-depth review. But for now we will just focus on some tips.

There are bikes for athletes that are solely designed by keeping performance in mind. Then other makes of the bikes are tough with a different arena of focus. There are also bike solely designed for offering comfort and that is the type of bikes which seniors must go for.

You have to set up the budget as it acts as a boundary line and gives you a limit beyond which you would not care to go. With prices risen sharply in every industry, you need to even more particular about getting the quality item for the money.

Types of bike for seniors

Seniors, largely prefer bikes which are easy to use and comfortable. They prefer these factors over the performance and that too makes sense. There are certain types of bikes which perfectly fits the need of seniors.

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Firstly go for cruiser bikes as these are also referred to as comfort bikes. You might be aware that these sorts of bikes ensure that riders stay on an upright position rather than bent over one. Moreover, you will get to sit on cushioned and wider seats as comfort is taken care of.

The other feature of a cruiser bike is having wider tires which then improves control which is extremely important as the senior needs to ride in a balanced position.

These popular styles of biking also include hand brakes and more than three gears which further makes the riding easier. You might want to know that larger-sized adults need to choose a 26-inch bike where the 24-inch cruiser bike is ideal for shorter riders.

City bikes

Then there are city bikes are specifically designed for commuting in urban areas. These often share the same features of a cruiser bike.

Step-through bikes

Next comes the step-through bikes. You might not know that most of these step-through bikes are also cruiser bikes. The difference between a step-through bike and the traditional bike is about the frame height. The standard regular bikes own a high frame bar which bounds the rider to swing one’s leg over on to the mount. On contrary, step-through bikes ensure easier getting off or on. Standard bikes may cause lower back or hip issues and in that case, step-through bikes offer an edge thus is favored by both senior women and men.


Then comes the adult trikes which is also one of the popular options where the third wheel is added to a bicycle, making it a convenient option for nearly anyone to ride on with comfort. This biking style has been there for more than a century and gets appreciated largely. Due to the third wheel, these trikes are heavier and slower than traditional bikes. Thus, they do not make a preferable option for an uphill ride.


There are also recumbents which are much like adult trikes. But the similarity is only of owning three wheels between the two. These are better in a sense of design, riding position and speed than the trike, becoming much more like regular bikes. Some even fold. One can also avail of electric bikes, which is then a whole new different riding experience.

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