Is An Exercise Bike Good For Seniors? | Kind of Bikes For Seniors

Wondering whether exercise bikes are good for seniors or not? Well, this article has got you covered. You need to realize that exercise is preferred for all ages but this preference shifts more towards the concern if one age. If you get convinced that cycling is good for seniors then do not forget to check the review of best bike for 50 year old or more here.

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Seniors need to maintain safety while exercising. If one is going for the stationary bike then such bikes are very effective for cardio exercise.

The best part is that one can avail of the exercise bike without having to deal with the weather/ time of day. If as a senior citizen you chose a traditional upright bike then it might become a challenge.

One prefers and appreciates the use of recumbent bikes for this very reason. Recumbent bikes are a much more comfortable option and they do not discomfort your heart/back. 

Sitting Position

If you will be going for the regular upright bike than it is a preferred option than an outdoor bike for seniors. Getting the outdoor bikes can be quite a challenging experience and the riding process will itself turn into a waxing procedure. There might be a case where you will want to feel the road and in that case, you can try the stationary bikes or indoor bicycles for workouts. The best advantage of such an exercise bike is that one does not have to worry about the weather conditions, and curses like road traffic.

Easy Ride

Are you confused between the upright bike and the recumbent bike? If you are trying to decipher the difference then it lies in the body position. In recumbent bikes, the legs of the rider get extended in front of the person. These bikes have a pad for supporting the back and reducing the lower body stress. In recumbent bikes, one sits on a padded seat which boosts the level of comfort at the pelvis. You should have a seated bike if you ever had gone through the knee or hip replacement procedures. This seated bike will lower down the level of stress on the joints.


An exercise bike is a good option if you will monitor your workout. The best thing is that if you will go for the recumbent bikes then they do come with the heart rate monitors. One needs to press the palm against the metal for getting the pulse displayed. One may need to work at a higher intensity for elevating the heart rate while using this sort of bike. Why? Well, the recumbent position lowers the workload on your body for maintaining the posture. Moreover, with a recumbent bike as mentioned earlier, you will have the legs in front of you which means the body would not work hard to pump blood up the legs if one compares it with work needed in the upright bike.


The most vital and fundamental step which many seniors forget to take is forgetting about the consultation. One needs to realize that before starting any exercise program or getting any exercise bike, one needs to consult the physician or doctor.

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