Cycling For Beginners Over 50

There are several exercises like stretching, aerobics but nothing can beat effective workout as cycling. It is the most important activity which one can do, especially seniors. If you are looking for best bicycle for 50 year old or more then do not forget to check the in-depth review in the article.

If you have never done cycling and you are over 50 then you do not need to crease your forehead. This article has got you covered. This leisure activity can also be used as a mode of transportation, a cherry on top which everyone loves.

You might not realize but people aged above 50 take great advantage of cycling, the reason they are no less fit. For them, their physical health is the same as it was 25 years before. Such people who are cycling no longer have any heart, back, or even hip problem.

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If you are a senior citizen and you do not want to encounter such problems in the near future then you need to make use of cycling whether as your new mode of transportation or as your new form exercise. If you own a perception that cycling sounds dangerous then it all boils down to the type of bike you choose.

Seniors mostly prefer low impact bikes which can be used for aerobic workouts. If your knees are not in good condition then you should preferably never go for high-intensity exercises. 

Selecting a bike

Cycling at an older age for the first time may sound challenging but in reality, it is not. You just need to choose a suitable bike. There are a few questions that you need to ask yourself like which terrain you will be riding on. You might not be aware but cruiser bikes are the favorable option of seniors as they are designed with comfort in mind. They own wide tires that absorb shock. The height of the handlebars is quite high that means adults over 50 would have no problem. You might not be aware but cruiser bikes also own fewer gears so one can pedal with absolute ease.

Size of bikes

You need to take care of the frame size. You have to realize that with time the body shape and size changes thus one has to be extremely particular about the sizing. If you are making the purchasing decision online then you should not forget to check the sizing chart. There are several guides available online for that just to ensure that you make the right decision.

Getting the biking gear

After selecting your bike, you need to give special attention to the biking gear. After testing and choosing the bike, ensure that you get the best fabrics that can remove sweat from your body while you cycle. You must get foam-padded shorts for comfort.

Hitting the road

If you are a first-timer and completely nervous about how to get started then follow the tips mentioned below: You need to start slow and set small goals as this will give you confidence. Next, you need to practice a lot and that too slowly for perfection. Remain in touch with your general physician and one will keep a check on you and track your health.

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