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Raleigh Bicycles- Are Raleigh Bikes Good Quality and Durable?

Are Raleigh bikes good – When starting out in the world of cycling, you might be overwhelmed by the amount of choice out there available to you. You may have heard that Raleigh bikes are a good choice for beginners, but you’re not too sure. 

When buying a new bike, you’ll want to be sure you’re getting the right one. You want it to be comfortable and you want it to operate in a way that works for you – so could Raleigh be the answer?

In this guide, we’re going to look at everything you’ll need to know about Raleigh bikes, including their top pros and some cons to purchasing one. Let’s get started. 

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Who Are Raleigh Anyway?

Raleigh are a very well known and reputable manufacturer and seller of bicycles. They’re one of the world’s oldest manufacturers of bikes, since the late 19th century in England. 

They have since become a part of a large European group called Accell, who specialize in bicycles but Raleigh continue to operate from their origins in Nottingham. 

What Raleigh have always done is keep up with the times and meet demands for their products, even in times of great distress like the Second World War. 

Despite plenty more competition over the coming decades, Raleigh has remained one of the biggest brands in the world of bikes and continues to grow in popularity. 

Raleigh offers bikes to beginners, all the way up to the most experienced cyclists out there. They supply to people who are looking for bikes for work transportation, sports, general fitness, mountain trails and outdoor activities and elite cycling. 

Needless to say, Raleigh has and continues to be one of the best names in bikes like this Raleigh SP Race Road Bike. 

are raleigh bikes good sp race road bike

What Are The Best Reasons To Buy A Raleigh Bike?

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When you purchase anything, you generally want a good reason to hand over your hard earned money – that’s why we have sales staff! When it comes to buying a bike, particularly your first bike, you’ll want some valid reasons to pay up. 

Here are some of the best reasons to buy a Raleigh bike:

Long, Established History 

As we mentioned earlier, Raleigh has one of the oldest and most famous names in the biking world. Its reputation is unquestionable and as a result, you can find Raleigh bikes, parts and accessories in most areas around the world. 


For decades, Raleigh sustained a high quality bicycle and continued innovating their products by moving with the market demands and a changing world. Later, we will look at some examples of their innovations. 

Raleigh uses strong and durable materials for their bikes which are designed in a way for the bikes to remain tough over many years. Their lightweight frames allow the rider to manoeuvre the bike much more easily and as a result, the likelihood of crashing the bike is low.

Value For Money 

Unlike some other manufacturers and brands, Raleigh has always believed in the quality of their product in relation to the value for money.

Don’t get us wrong, this doesn’t mean Raleigh bikes are necessarily cheap, but it’s certainly more of a case of getting what you pay for. 

In fact, before they leave the center for distribution, they undergo an extensive check on every level to ensure that the quality of the bike is good enough to go out for sale.

These checks are conducted by experts who are generally trained, experienced technicians. 

They’re At The Heart Of The Cycling Community 

If you ask anybody about the history of bikes or biking as a sport, they will likely mention Raleigh. Raleigh is at the heart and the forefront of the world of cycling.

They’ve always financially and morally supported cyclists and other supporters of the sport. 

Raleigh has kept up with building relationships with other big companies, like Accel who they are now a part of. Accel is a huge name in the business and it makes perfect sense for them to be an entity. 

Team Raleigh have been prominent in the competitive world of cycling and Raleigh has had winners using their bikes thousands of times – literally! 

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Are There Any Cons To Buying A Raleigh Bike?

For most bike enthusiasts, there will be very few cons to choosing and purchasing a Raleigh. However, there are a few things to think about. 

Other Bikes On Offer 

With anything that you’re in the market for, there will always be other alternatives for sale, and bicycles are no exception. Getting the right bike for you is subjective, so you might find that you prefer a different brand over Raleigh. 

The Price 

As we mentioned earlier, the cost of Raleigh bikes are typically “getting what you pay forâ€, in other words – they’re not normally cheap. If you’re a beginner in cycling, you might want to think about getting a lower costing bicycle and see how you fare on that first. 

What Innovations Did Raleigh Do?

There are so many examples of famous bikes that Raleigh changed the face of the market with, it would take you days to read them all – so we’re going to talk about a couple of the best. 

The Raleigh Chopper (1969)

In the year that we changed the world by travelling to the moon, Raleigh was changing the world of bikes. With a new, cutting-edge design which was entirely unique – the bicycle became a fashion symbol. 

A high-rise back and high positioned handlebars, paired with huge 16 inch wheels made cycling look cool. 

The Raleigh Burner (1982)

This was the model that became Raleigh’s first BMX. A brand new and innovative venture for Raleigh saw a huge surge in popularity and sales – showing they are one of the best in the world of bikes. 


Raleigh bikes are certainly good! It’s unquestionable that they do some of the best bikes out there and help beginners and experienced riders alike. When buying a Raleigh, ensure you know what you’re looking for and ask as many questions to the sales staff as you can. 

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Good luck in your search!

Raleigh Bicycles- Are Raleigh Bikes Good Quality and Durable?