Best Starter Road Bike

Confused for best starter road bikes ? Keeping in mind the numerous people that are starting up with riding bikes or learning how to ride bikes, we have created a review for the best starter road bikes. There are many uses of road bikes. They can be used for the daily commute or even for cycling around the park. Road bikes are a great way to get some exercise under your belt. Not only do road bikes help to keep your body in shape, but they also help in building your stamina. If you are wondering what bike to choose out of the numerous available options, fret not for we have just the thing for you. We have gone through bikes upon bikes to take out the top ones for you. You will be happy to note that all of these fall into different price ranges. This way you can choose the bike you want depending on your budget and the features that you require. Let’s have a look at the bikes, shall we? Disclaimer: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links and I may earn a commission if you click on them, at no additional cost to you. Hope you find the information here useful! Thanks. Related Articles:


It is impossible to have a review for the best starter road bikes, and not include the famous Giordano brand. This is because it is one of the forerunning manufacturers of bikes and their respective parts. The Giordano Libero Acciao Road bike is a beginner’s road bike that is quite cheap yet offers many high-end components and a great ride. Despite being cheaper, one may no find many differences between this one and one of the more expensive bikes. It can be used for a casual fun time in the park and also for commuting purposes. There are some compromises to be made due to the pricing, but everyone from beginners to experienced riders has given positive reviews about it. It is the best affordable bike a tight and limited budget can buy. The main investment anyone does for road biking is the bike. For the people who do not want to spend so much, the Giordano Libero should be an option. It should be noted that this bike isn’t that cheap that one may confuse it with the fake bikes that are found at stores. Buying a bike under the price of $300 pretty much guarantees that it will end up disappointing you in a few weeks. Thus it is a better option to invest a little and get yourself a bike that although cheap has some high-quality accessories that improve the overall ride. This is exactly what the Giordano Libero Acciao Road Bike aims to offer.


The frame that the manufacturers chose for this bike is the steel one. It has some qualities that make it a better choice than the often used aluminum. The weight of the frame amounts to less than 30 lbs in total. This way it can be transported from one place to the next without much hassle. This feature also makes the handling of the bike very easy. This way you get a bike that is lightweight, handy and responds well to the shifting of gears and the application of brakes. It should be kept in mind that the bike isn’t suited to races. The upright position does not increase the aerodynamics of the bike. There are other beginner bikes available that would be better for racing. The upright position keeps one’s posture perfect and helps daily commuters to keep an eye on the traffic ahead.


The shifters and drivetrain are Shimano Tourney STI. This way you get a lot of control over your bike. There are 14 speeds offered through this. You can go from beginner level to professional level all in a single bike. All the features have been aligned properly to ensure that your bike provides quick and accurate shifting of gears.


This is the part where you may have to compromise on. The brakes that are featured aren’t the best quality that the company can offer. But you still get a lot of worth for your money. If you are still wary of the brakes, you can always replace them as brakes are quite cheaply available.


The wheelset offered is the Acciao Vitesse alloy wheelset. Each of the rims features 32 spokes. This way you get proper support for your rims and can help protect your bike from accidents and can keep it in proper shape for everyday use. The tires are included in the bike set. They are sturdy and well designed. However, precaution must be taken to ensure you do not over inflate them.


The saddle isn’t of great quality. It is something that can be seen in most entry level bikes. The pedals are not made of cheap plastic rather the manufacturers have chosen metal for them. This is a better alternative as it helps to set this bike apart from the other starter road bikes.


Let us talk about the aesthetic appeal of the bike. The color is quite nice. The design is more or less inspired by Italian colors. Despite it being quite a cheap bike, the design and colors help to give this bike a very professional look. Pros
  • The price is very economical
  • The bike has amazing features and is not like a faux bike
  • The steel frame is light in weight and can easily be upgraded
  • The bike can be used as your biking skills progress
  • The wheelset and tires are better than those found in this price range
  • The all Shimano Tourney STI and braking system provides more control over the bike
  • The saddle isn’t made of quality material
  • The rider will end up with a very uncomfortable ride because of this issue
  • The steel frame has been called rigid by some of the


Talking about the positives first of one of the best starter road bikes: The shifters and gearing system are of top-notch quality. It is one of the best ones that are available in the market nowadays. Apart from that, the choice of steel frame over aluminum one is a good one as it is still quite light in weight and at the same time resistant to dirt, water, and air. This bike is well worth the asking price. The only downsides that we see are the saddle and pedals that can easily be replaced by better versions. Overall, it is a great bike as it can be upgraded as your experience level of biking increases. It is the bike that is recommended for people with a limited budget that are just starting up. 


Next up in our list for the best starter road bikes , we have the Schwinn Phocus 1600 Men’s Road Bike. It is a great bike especially for working out purposes. The bike features a drop bar and a set of 700c wheels. These are some of the top features that are present in this bike. If you choose this bike for your fitness regime you are bound to be in shape very soon. This is because this bike has been made to cater to mountain trails and help you to burn some fat. The aluminum frame is very light in weight. It has been made of carbon fiber and also has a lightweight fork. The bike can be used on all kinds of surfaces. It produces fewer jerks and keeps the rider very comfortable by minimizing the movement of the bike. The Schwinn Phocus 1600 is a bike like never before. It weighs not more than 23lbs which makes it incredibly light to use. The gears are very responsive and you can keep control of your bike quite efficiently. Many features are present on this bike. They help make this bike one of the best starter road bikes to buy in an affordable price tag. The parts of the bike are durable and will last you for a long time. Some of the features include lightweight spokes that keep the rims intact and away from harm. Apart from that, there are brakes by Promax included in the bike. The front wheel is also a quick release. This helps to protect your bike from any thieves. The alloy calipers help to efficiently stop the bike no matter what the speed you are riding it at.


The frame has been made of lightweight carbon fiber featuring a lightweight suspension fork. This way you can carry the bike from one place to the next effortlessly. The frame is very stable and durable and it does not get worn out quite easily.


The Promax brakes have been used in the ike. This way you can be sure about the safety of the bike. It can be gifted as well as the brakes are bound to keep the rider safe and sound no matter what the speed they ride at.


The rims contain spokes to hold it in place. The tires are made for the road and other paved surfaces specifically. Also, a bonus feature is the quick release of the front wheel. This way you can make sure that your bike does not end up being stolen.


Featuring a vast gear range and an alloy crank cautery SR Suntour, the bike provides maximum control to the rider. This way you can easily shift between gears and can be in charge of the bike rather than the other way round. There are14 speeds that you can choose from. This bike really has a lot of positive features that help negate the cons effectively. The bike has been designed keeping in mind the usage of the consumers. There is a certain lacking which is the size limitation. The manufacturers tried hard to accommodate all body shapes and sizes but they have fallen short in this matter.  Pros
  • The carbon fiber road fork and aluminum frame
  • 14 speeds available by Shimano
  • Alloy caliper brakes by Promax for efficient and accurate braking
  • Alloy crank by Suntour
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Can be used for multiple functions including casual training and personal riding
  • Extremely light in weight
  • It performs well on paths and trails
  • The size is a limitation
  • The switch does not contain a gear indicator
  • Pedals are not of high quality


This bike has often been called the Corvette of bikes because it was received so well by the audience. The pros of this , one of the best starter road bikes , greatly outweigh the cons. The only major downside is the limitation of the size. The pedals are something that can quite cheaply be replaced. If you choose the Schwinn Phocus 1600, you are guaranteed a bike that will lat you for a very long time.


This bike, the Tommaso Imola Compact Aluminum Road Bike is a graceful bike. it keeps full check of being stylish as well as comfortable. It is for people who are trying out for the cycling world. Also if you are someone who does not want to spend much or have less of a budget then this bike s perfect for you. It is sleek and durable at the same time.


The Tommaso Imola comes with Shimano Claris brake calipers. These help in providing the rider with instant stopping power. The Shimano company is a big name in the bike industry and thus their parts are reliable and have maximum performance. The brakes featured on this particular bike give more control and handle over the bike so that your ride is comfortable and you remain stable throughout. The Shimano Claris groupset which is made up of a whole drivetrain, derailleurs, shifters, and brakes helps the ride become a smooth one whether you’re riding the bike on paved or unpaved surfaces. This feature comes equipped usually on bikes with a higher price tag but it is available in this model at a fairly affordable price making it an incredible steal.


The Tommaso company also keeps a lot of checks about the design of the bikes they make. They do not want the person to just ride the bike, they want them to enjoy as well so they pay attention to its structure and outer look too. Due to this they always end up making different and versatile bikes when compared to other companies. In the case of The Tommaso Imola Compact Aluminum Road Bike, they have still not refrained from their special touches. Thus, the bike looks rather modern and stylish. It has components that are not expensive but they are put together in a way that makes them look like they are of higher cost. So the ride ends up being smooth and calm for the riders. The Imola features composite flat pedals that work remarkably without the rider having to put in much effort and strength. But if you would like a sharper and speedier ride we recommend you upgrade your pedals to a clipless pair which also is lighter than the pedals already featured on the bike.


The frame featured on the Tomaso Imola is made using a high grade 6061 aluminum frame which is about 23 lbs. in weight. The bike’s frame is perfect for your daily commutes as well as any adventurous excursions. Featured on the rear side of the bike are rack mounts to help you store any necessities you might need where you’re commuting to. The frame is also compact as well as comfortable. This helps make your ride more stable.


The Tommaso Imola is priced at $650 which makes it quite a budget bike. The bike includes all those features you will usually find at the higher end of a price range in the market. Thus this bike is a great investment considering the number of features you find in it. Pros
  • The Tommaso Imola Compact Aluminum Road Bike comes with rear rack mounts too.
  • It is cheap for its specification and components
  • The bike has an Italian design to cater to your fashion style
  • It features Tommaso Corsa rims
  • It is the only Tommaso beginner bike that features a Shimano groupset
  • It has a lightweight aluminum frame for your convenience
  • When you purchase this bike it comes with stock pedals in the package
  • You can only buy it directly and cannot take a test ride with it as it is available online only
  • It has an uncomfortable saddle so you might need to get it changed
  • The shifting of this bike will need to be adjusted repeatedly
  • It can only be used for beginners and not for any competition of sorts
  • It is better to get it assembled by a professional


There are many customers who have bought this bike and are quite satisfied with it. So if you get this bike with expectations not too high nor too low then you will be impressed by the bike as well. invest in something, it is natural to want to keep it safe and protected. To put an end to stealing the aluminum rims come with bolt-on hubs to provide special safety and security of the bike.


The Vilano Forza 4.0 Aluminum Road Bike is for cyclists who are just beginning and want a quick check of what actual biking feels like. There are many people who look for a cheap road bike under $1000. There are many bikes to get for under that budget. Though what do you do if the budget is under $300 – $400? If you do filter a bit then you will find that there are very fewer bikes that are available for this price range. Though the Vilano Forza 4.0 Aluminum Road Bike is the best you can get in this budget. It gives great performance and keeps inside your budget as well.


This bike comes with Shimano STI Shifters which are of really great quality. They are one of the components that make a bike work better and you can easily change gears without even changing the position of your hands from the brakes. This is a really important part of this bike because it can make an average bike above average. It is quite beneficial as well because it is hard for these shifters to be featured on a cheap bike.


The bike features a lightweight frame. The 6061 aluminum frame is durable and keeps your bike in good shape. It does not cause any issues and keeps you stress free. Its fork is sturdy and can last long. It has been fitted with a derailleur with 24 gear speeds which are a lot. You can take it on hill rides but they will be a bit rough though on the other hand, you can ride it quite comfortably on the city roads.


This bike provides you with a smooth ride. It is like a bike that you will not want to get up off. Due to its different components, you can enjoy without worrying about the safety of your bike nor yours.


This bike comes with Kenda 700c x 23c tires. These tires have a good grip but they are narrow tires. They aren’t of high quality but will work the first few times for a long distance. Though it is better to change the tires and invest into something long lasting. They are good when it comes to handling brakes and they work quite well with being long lasting when it comes to braking. Besides that, the tires will wear out soon


It is not that comfortable as its seat will have to be changed. The seat is of bad quality.  Pros
  • You do not have to worry about the bike being a burden because it is really lightweight
  • It has a durable, aluminum frame
  • You can try out different speeds as it gives a smooth ride while being fast
  • It is reliable
  • The bike features Shimano STI Shifters for a great experience
  • The Vilano Forza 4.0 Aluminum Road Bike is an affordable bike to keep your budget safe
  • It does not provide a comfortable because the seat is not of high quality
  • The Vilano Forza 4.0 Aluminum Road Bike is not stylish enough
  • Its pedals and tires are not too good nor too bad either


The bike is of good value and no doubt one of the bests in its price range. If you want to get a bike with high-quality components then this is the one you are looking for.


The Tommaso Forcella Compact Aluminum Road Bike is the next starter road bike that we will talk about. There have been previous models by this manufacturer including the Tommaso Imola. Now it is almost the same model but with more upgrades and with more features. The Forcella is a very unique bike that has features not commonly seen in other aluminum bikes. The design is based on an Italian theme that helps to give a professional aesthetic to the bike. The choice of materials and features ensures that the person riding has an amazing experience.


This bike comes with a unique type of fork. A carbon one. It helps keep the bike light and does not stop the bike from losing its speed. One of its biggest advantages is that it absorbs shock and keeps the bike from going jumpy on bumps and road imperfections. It keeps the bike stiff and prevents it from being unstable too.


The Tommaso Forcella Compact Aluminum Road Bike is fitted with a 24 speed Shimano Claris Drivetrain. This makes the bike more different. The component is reliable and is a good choice for the bike. this bike can be used for riding on the hills and smooth surfaces as well. You can have different types of speeds and enjoy it the way you like to. This bike’s crankset is lightweight and works altogether with the other parts of the bike as well. Giving you a ride to remember


The Shimano company also comes in drivetrain because it is part of the Shimano Claris group. The brake is part of it too. They both, the derailleur and brakes have perfect positioning. So that you do not have to move your hand that much when it is time to shift gears. This, in all, helps to give you a better ride performance.


The Tommaso Corsa TC-30 wheelset is featured on this bike. it has huge strength and is lightweight at the same time. It has 30mm rims which improve overall performance and keep you comfortable too. It comes with 700c Kenda Tires that look great and minimize wind and weight resistance, both.


This bike has a caliper braking system instead of using disc brakes. It has many advantages and disadvantages as well. They are light and better at stopping, even if the conditions are wet or if you are riding downhill.


In the case of this bike, .the company has partnered with WTB WOLT. They are well-known saddle manufacturers. Their saddle looks stylish and is comfortable for you too. Though it takes a bit of time to actually get used to the saddle. Another thing to keep in mind is UltraCompact handlebar. They are in drop position so this reduces wind resistance and you can ride the bike at great speed with it. The pedals of this bike come with it so this a huge advantage. Pros
  • This bike is fast and comfortable at the same time It comes with a great price It is lightweight for your convenience and is durable as well.
  • The derailleurs will have to be adjusted


This bike is the best offer you can get. With great performance and a sleek design to cater to your fashion needs while giving you a perfect ride. 


The Vilano R2 Road Bike is one of the best street bicycles for beginners. It comes with a great many features which is why the bikes made by the company are greatly sought after by beginners and professionals alike.


The Vilano company has not fallen short when it comes to providing maximum performance. To make sure the rider achieves this, the drivetrain equipped on the bike is made up of all Shimano components. The Shimano Company is a well-known brand and thus it can be relied on when it comes to providing high quality. Both the shifters and the derailleur systems work together to ensure an easy transition between gears and to make sure that your ride is as smooth as it can be. Also included are dual brake levers which give more convenience to the bike rider.


The bike is quite attractive to look at. It has a sharp look to it as the frame of the bike is made up of double-butted aluminum 6016. Also, the bike includes 700c double walled CNC alloy machine sides. The bike also comes in different color combinations for you to choose from according to what fits your style.


Out of all the bikes included on our list, the Vilano R2 is the easiest to put together. The manual which comes along with it is easy to understand and altogether the assembly of the bike will not take more than 30 mins. This is because the bike is partially assembled before it is shipped out to you. The gears, brakes and the cables featured on the bike have to be adjusted according to your preference and comfort. The rear wheel of the bike has also been attached but you would have to add on the front wheel, the pedals, the seat as well as the handlebars. You can also get it assembled by a professional from a nearby bike shop to make sure that its assembly is done right.  Pros
  • The bike is easy to assemble compared to most bikes
  • The frame is made out of aluminum thus the bike is light in weight as well as sturdy
  • The Vilano R2 is great to look at
  • This particular starter road bike has great gear shifting abilities
  • The frame is made up of 6061 aluminum and has front as well as rear mounts
  • Shimano A050 thumb rear indexed 7 speed, front friction 3 speed shifters are also found included on the bike
  • The fork included on the bike is made using high tensile steel
  • The bike is equipped with alloy caliper brakes
  • The saddle is from the company Urban Commuter
  • The brakes have to be replaced after some use
  • The seat also gets uncomfortable over time so it is better to upgrade to a better one


All in all, the Vilano R2 road bike is a great deal as it comes with a low price tag which is perfect for beginners who are not looking to spend much on their first bike. But the features are those which will help the bike last you a long while.


Vilano is a household name when it comes to reliable budget friendly bikes which is why we are going to introduce you to it next on our list for the best starter road bikes. The Vilano company has been making remarkable as well as durable bikes since the early 2000s. The Vilano Shadow 2.0 is no less. It is a road bike that has been designed to provide the rider with maximum performance without having to fish too deep for change. The bike is fairly affordable when compared to other bikes you will find on our list. The road bike has components made by big names which include Prowheel as well as Shimano. The frame of the bike is light in weight which helps make it easy to gain velocity and helps make it agile. Other models that were the inspiration for the Shadow are the TUONO and Forza. The Vilano Shadow 2.0 has been specifically designed for those riders who want to include a fitness regime into their daily routine commutes and their weekend off roading.


The Shadow 2.0 comes in three different sizes which have been made to accommodate riders of all shapes and sizes. The three different frame sizes include 49 cm, 53 cm, and 57 cm. These frame sizes are perfect for riders with a height from five feet to six and a half feet. To make sure that which sized frame is the one for you, measure your inseam for the best fit. The frame of the bike is made using a double-butted 6160 aluminum frame which is incredibly light in weight. The bike also includes internal cable routing and has rugged dependability. Also featured on the bike is a high tensile steel fork which has been made to help in distributing the weight without affecting the ride’s comfortability.


The brakes featured on the Shadow 2.0 are caliper brakes which help in reducing the build cost. These help in providing the rider with instant stopping power and control over the bike to help it stay stable. The Dual Pivot Alloy Calipers help reduce any shaking, warping or loss of handle when coming to an instant stop. The brake pads featured on the bike have been tapered so that they hug the rims and stop the bike from bumping or jumping.


The Vilano Company did not hold back when choosing a shifter for this particular bike. The Shadow 2.0 features the Shimano A070 STI shifter which also includes an integrated lever for braking. The integrated lever will help the rider in having greater control and handle over the bike while you’re shifting, braking or cranking. The A070 shifter is usually found on a bike with a higher price tag in the market usually doubles the price of this Vilano model.


The rims are an essential part of a bike as they give the brakes a place to grip onto and the tires to be mounted. The Vilano company has made sure the rims are ones that will give you maximum performance. The Shadow 2.0 is equipped with 700c double walled CNC rims with allow machined sides. The sides of the rims help offer a much smoother surface to help in easy braking and to help make the bike agile. The 700c diameter feature helps in the easy mounting of the tires and the fenders while leaving enough space at the fork of the rim for mud as well as dirt to easily pass without getting stuck. The Shadow 2.0 features CST 700c x 25c tires. These tires are perfect for use on paved roads as well as gravel. But this particular bike cannot be used for any mountain biking or for any kind of trails as well as for any downhill riding. Because the width of the tire is really thing you can easily turn around corners without having to cut down on the speed of the bike. The tires are sturdy and durable thus you can easily ride them on any sort of surface as they will provide you with maximum traction and greater grip on the road.


The Vilano Shadow 2.0 is a bike that has been designed so that it can easily be used by beginners without being a hassle for them. It can also be ridden by professionals as well. Because it is an entry-level bike, the price tag that comes along with the bike is low. It ranges from around $300 to about around $400 which makes it an incredibly budget-friendly bike. Even with such a low price tag, the bike does not lag in its performance or its durability. It is going to last you a long while before you have to upgrade or replace any parts of the bike.   Pros
  • The internal cable routing found on the bike helps in making the bike agile and easy to maneuver
  • The handlebars featured on the bike are dropped which helps in gaining and maintaining speed as well as control
  • The seat post can easily be adjusted according to your preferences
  • The bike has a low price tag when compared to other models
  • The shifter featured is made by the Shimano company which helps in having control over the bike in all sorts of weather and on all kinds of surfaces
  • The handlebars cannot be adjusted according to your preference and height
  • The pedals can stock and strip with ease
  • The tires features are 25c wide which is why they cannot be ridden on all sorts of surfaces


The Vilano Shadow 2.0 is a road bike that will not disappoint you. It has been designed keeping in mind beginners who are on a budget. The bike can be used for your daily commutes. It will provide you a ride that is comfortable, stable while providing you with full control over the bike. When looking for a bike to rely on, the Vilano Shadow 2.0 will not disappoint you.


The Eurobike EURXC550 is the last bike we are going to introduce you to on our list for the best starter road bikes. This particular bike is a remarkable beginning road bike and it is one of the best bicycles for new riders. The features included on the Eurobike are ones you will usually find on higher-end bikes but this one comes with a low price tag. An added bonus on top of its affordability is that it also comes with a warranty.


The EURXC550 is a bicycle that is jam-packed with amazing features. The frame, as well as the fork, are made using high-grade steel. The steel is sturdy as well as durable so it is sure to last you a long whole. The top handlebar featured on the bike has been placed at such a height that it is comfortable for the rider to use without any stress or strain on their neck or back. The seat post is ergonomic and has been made keeping in mind the complete comfortability of the rider. The height of the saddle can also be adjusted according to the rider’s liking on the Eurobike EURXC550.


This starter road bike comes equipped with a gear system that is easy to use and can tackle anything. The Shimano A050 has a 21-speed feature. This gear along with the Shimano TX-30 shifters helps the bike in gaining speed so that you can commute faster and it also helps in easy shifting and transitioning between different gears. The derailleurs featured on the front as well as the rear side of the bike are not alike. The front derailleur is the Shimano TZ30 which has an upwards pull while the derailleur featured on the back of the bike is the Shimano TZ50.


The Eurobike comes with dual disc brakes which are 160mm in diameter and are made out of aluminum. Also included on the bike is KMC, a 7-speed chain as well as alloy rims. The double-disc brakes provide the rider with greater control over the bike as it gives maximum stopping power even in harsh weather. The 700 x 28c tires help provide the rider with more grip as well as traction on the surface it’s being ridden on no matter what kind it is; paved or unpaved.


You have to assemble the bike by yourself as it does not come partially assembled like most bikes online. The bike comes with a manual in its package but the instructions can be a bit confusing so you will have to seek professional help and advice to help you assemble the bike. Furthermore, before riding the bike you should get the bike checked out to ensure that it has been put together well.


Euro Eurxc550 Road Bike can take maximum weight up to 300lbs. whereas, its own weight is 31.5lbs. This Road Bike can carry riders with a height range from 5’3 inches to 6’0 inches. On components, there is one-year manufacturer warranty while the warranty on the frame is for a lifetime.  Pros
  • This particular bike helps in gaining speed much more efficiently
  • It also comes equipped with 21-speed gear which helps in easy transition between speeds
  • The brakes featured on the Eurobike are 160 mm disc brakes which help provide maximum stopping power
  • The frame of the bike is made using a material which is sturdy and durable
  • This particular bike will last you longer than most aluminum bikes out there in the market
  • The width of the tires offers greater grip on the road
  • The bike itself is incredibly stable on all sorts of surfaces
  • The steel frame is durable but it cannot be used in wet weather conditions
  • The instruction manual can be quite confusing so one should get personal advice or seek help from a local bye shop
  • The frame can get rusty overtime


The Eurobike EURXC550 is the perfect road bike at an affordable rate. It can be used by beginners as well as professionals for all kinds of riding. The bike is equipped with double disc brakes which help in providing maximum stoppage even at an instant. The gear bike helps in easy transition and shifting between different speeds. At this rate finding a good bike is hard but the features equipped on the road bike are unlike any other bike found at this price tag in the market. 


The bikes that we just mentioned above in our best starter road bikes are the best models you can get for yourself if you are a beginner. Every model has something unique about it to cater to your needs. Some have excellent brakes while others have comfortable seats to ride on. Also, you can choose the bike through what you want in one, keeping check of your requirements. Note: If you are looking for an in-depth review of different bikes, then don’t forget to hit this page.