Best Commuter Bikes Under $200

There are many bikers out there that search for the best commuter bikes under $200.

This is because people tend to choose bikes for their commute as they are quite an economical option. bikes are also low maintenance and one can find bikes in different price ranges. We have created this review to tell you about some of the best commuter bikes that have amazing features and are suited to different t kinds of riders.

It can be a tiresome job having to go through hundreds upon hundreds of models of bikes to find out the perfect one for you. We are here to make your job easier. Sit back and go through our reviews to get an idea about the bikes available in this price tag. We hope that you will find a bike that benefits you from our review.

We have tried to keep in mind all the necessities and factors that may influence your choice and have tried to cater to all those to give you a list of bikes that are the best of the best.


The Critical Cycles Harper Urban Commuter Bike is the first bike we’re introducing you to on our list for the best commuter bikes under $200. Mainly featured on this single speed bike is the tough steel frame, the no overlapping toe including horizontal dropouts.

This particular commuter bike also comes equipped with two brakes to maximize the rider’s safety and to provide him maximum stopping power. Also included on the bike are Kenda tires, free pattern pedals as well as deep rims.

All these components put together provide a smoother and more comfortable ride no matter what sort of surface the bike is ridden on.

The Harper comes with bar-spin authorization, flat dropouts and no foot overlap helping you in attaining maximum control over the bike and giving you all the tools you need to maintain your bike.


The particular fixed gear model is equipped with a reversal hub also known as a flip flop hub which provides you with the ability to ride with a single speed. This sort of riding is also called freewheel riding and does not require any pedaling. Due to the fixed cog featured on the Harper, the bike works in accordance with your feet and the action of pedaling.


The handlebars are in a vertical position that is comfortable for the rider as it is easily reachable. It will not cause any sort of stress or strain on the back or the neck of the rider.


The Critical Cycles Harper Urban Commuter Bike is a single speed bike that was built keeping in mind its long-time usage. The frame is hand made using a high tensile solid steel diamond and is made using a TIG welder to help build confidence in its durability.


This particular commuter bike features a double braking system. This will help you gain more control and handle over the bike. It will also provide you with maximum stopping power through its front and rear brakes. The rims of the wheels help in providing a safer stopping.


The Critical Cycles Harper is one of the best-fixed gear bikes as it is affordable and uses high-quality components. You can also customize the bike and upgrade it however you want using components that are compatible with the ones that already come equipped.

The VP freestyle pedals and the KMC chain attached are going to last you a long while as they are tough and sturdy. Also included on the bike are the 30mm Deep V rims and the Kenda tires which help make the ride more comfortable and easier.

The bike can be used for a variety of purposes which includes your daily commute from one place to another as well as a weekend hobby or a ride to your local grocery shop.


  • The bike has a high tensile durable steel frame
  • The wheels have 700c deep V alloy rims
  • It comes with double handbrakes with the brakes present on the front and rear side of the bike
  • The bike comes with a low price tag
  • It is easy to assemble
  • The ride provided by the urban commuter is smooth and comfortable
  • The gears featured on the bike are fixed ones and can be used on a variety of trails and terrains
  • The bike comes with a flip flop rear hub


  • The frame of the bike is heavier than most found in this price range
  • The components made out of plastic are delicate
  • The wheels are not compatible with rough and uneven terrain.


 The Critical Cycles Harper Urban Commuter Bike is in all a bike manufactured by solid components with a long-lasting steel frame. Also, it caters to your style as it comes in many different colors. It is lightweight so it is easy for you to ride. As hard wear and tear bike it offers one of the biggest advantages full bike for people who want to ride and win without having to worry about this bike again and again.

As well as all these advantages this bike is totally affordable bike to buy from the bike market so it will not go heavy on your budget. With the warranty along you can customize and design it just like you want it to be. its performance is amazing and gives you a ride worth remembering. It is a bike capable of fulfilling your needs while riding. As well as all that it can be ridden by people of all ages and all sizes because it comes in sizes that vary with little maintenance needed.


Next in line on our list for the Best Commuter under $200 is the Retrospec Beaumont 7 speed men’s urban city bike. This bike is made with a classic diamond steel frame which is hand built and lightweight as well.

The Critical Cycles Beaumont 7-Speed Men’s Urban City Commuter Bike helps you keep a straight posture and makes you feel comfortable too and you can enjoy a pleasant ride with it. It can be ridden by commuters only.

It can be an exercise bike a commuting bike and if you want to take a little break and ride it then it is suitable for that too.
It also features a 7-speed drivetrain and Revoshift grip shifters so it is easy to handle and control the bike while riding or not riding it. It has brakes in the front and in the back too so these keep you safe and help in control.

Its tires are of Wanda 700x35C which gives the bike a strong grip along the surface. The Critical Cycles Beaumont 7-Speed Men’s Urban City Commuter Bike has great components and specifications that can help you in different situations when riding like in different terrains. 

Also if you are someone who likes to ride in style then this bike is perfect for you as it can be bought in different colors and sizes. It can be ridden on different types of terrains and you can ride it wherever you want to.  


As this bike has a diamond steel frame it ends up being lightweight. Also, the main advantage of it being light is that you can easily handle it as it better in being stable and can keep control of it. One more thing is that because of its being steel it makes the frame long-lasting.

 Its design and being lightweight makes the bike speedier than other hybrid bikes. It gives you the comfort you need to ride a bike.

On top of that, it can be easily put together for use as soon as you get it because its 85 percent was pre-assembled and comes with tools and extra fun accessories.


It gives you the comfort you need to ride a bike. With its handles and comfortable seat, you enjoy riding it. Also, one more plus point of the Critical Cycles Beaumont 7-Speed Men’s Urban City Commuter Bike is that it comes almost assembled and you get tools and accessories with it as well.


This bike features Wanda700x35C tires for shock absorption and firm road-gripping. These tires keep you comfortable even on bumpy terrains and ground that is not leveled either. It’s front and back alloy brakes make sure that the ride is controlled and safe for you as well with the cooperation of the Shimano drivetrain and shifters. These shifting gears support the bike when changing its ways and turning.


  • It is a comfortable bike to ride if you choose to buy it
  • It comes in different sizes and colors to go with your fashion needs
  • It has a rack to help carry your belongings
  • The bike helps you keep a straight and upright position while riding it
  • Its frames well made, giving you a great bike to enjoy while riding


  • It does not come assembled so it is difficult beginners


The bike can be bought in different sizes as well as different colors so it is best for you as you can choose what you want in a wide variety. You can ride this bike in any terrain you want to because it is suitable for almost all. One reason for it being suitable is that it keeps you comfortable and safe wherever you take it.

The Critical Cycles Beaumont Bicycle does not come fully assembled but you do get provided with a manual and a few tools along with some accessories. It, the Critical Cycles Beaumont 7-Speed Men’s Urban City Commuter Bike can be ridden wherever taken in the city for your enjoyment or work help. You can ride it for leisure, for serious matters or just for a simple ride to pick up some groceries. 


Next up we have the Retrospec Beaumont 7 speed Lady’s urban Commuter bike in our list for best commuter bikes under $200.

This bike has many features that make it an ideal choice especially for female bike enthusiasts. It is lightweight and yet quite sturdy. There are many features offered that help to control the bike effectively.

One of the things any bike rider is concerned about is the maneuverability of the bike. You do not need to worry about that as this bike can get you through all the twists and turns that you may encounter on your commute.

Many similar bikes are available in the market but we will help you understand why this one is the better choice. Starting with the high tensile steel frame that not only gives the bike a professional look but also makes it long-lasting. This bike looks just as good as its performance. You are guaranteed to never be disappointed by this choice.

It features a 7-gear system that gives you full control of the bike. This way you can use the bike on all kinds of terrains quite effectively.

The Shimano rear derailleur helps to maintain the optimum speed and momentum when you shift from one gear to the next. We are quite sure you are almost convinced. Below we have mentioned all these amazing features in even more detail. This will help you get a better sense of the city commuter bike as a whole.


When it comes to bikes, people often opt for one that looks stylish and is made of high quality material as well. This bike falls perfectly on that requirement. The low swooping frame has been hand-built to cater to all the requirements of women. This way you can even ride your bike easily while wearing a skirt or a dress. If that doesn’t show just how considerate Retrospec has been we don’t know what will. The material that the company chose is steel. This makes the frame durable and resistant to rusting. Made to boost a comfortable and memorable ride, this bike will fulfill all your requirements.


If we talk about the tires, you will be pleased to know that the tires feature deep treads. This way the bike can not only be used on mountainous rugged areas but also in wet conditions. Tires help to increase the safety of the bike and the tires on the Lady’s Urban City Commuter Bike have done just that. The 700cc x 35c double-walled ultra-slim tires provide a smooth ride no matter what the surface. You do not need to think twice about the tires that are featured on the bike.


The bike has been designed keeping in mind the latest trends. The manufacturer understands that an out of place bike would not be the choice for most of the lady commuters and has hence paid extra attention to this particular feature. The strong curvy steel frame comes with beautifully designed features that make the bike look extremely elegant on the streets. The bike also features a brown saddle, swept back handlebars with brown grips to add to its beauty.


Apart from the features that we mentioned above, there are some other qualities of the bike. One of the most important features on this bike is the 7 Speed gear system, which is where the bike gets its name from. It helps in a smooth transition from one speed to the next. Next, we have the double-walled rims that keep the tires of the bike protected from external factors such as dust, stones, water splashes, etc. The single piece crankset helps to keep the design of the bike quite minimalistic. Brakes are present in the front and rear portion of the bike to promote efficient stopping even at high speeds.

Furthermore, there is also a kickstand featured that can help ensure the bike stays in an upright position when you park it. You can take this bike out easily in the dark as well as there is a rear reflector present on the bike. Last but not least, there is a rear luggage carrier as an add-on on the bike. The Lady’s Urban City Commuter Bike is the perfect overall package for any person out there.

Due to the low swooping frame, one can easily mount and dismount no matter what the clothing. It is extremely easy to assemble. As the bike comes 85% previously assembled, you hardly need 30 minutes to have the bike up and running. If you face any difficulties, you always have the option of going to a local bike shop that can assemble the bike for you. To top all of these features, the cost of this bike is quite economical. This provides a win-win situation for the customer. 


  • You get a comfortable feeling when riding this bike
  • It is long lasting and well-made for your satisfaction
  • You can choose whatever size and color you want it in because it comes in many different types of colors and sizes
  • You will not have to worry about getting a wrong position because it has vertical handlebars to keep you straight


  • It tends to be heavy because of its steel frame even though it is strong and durable


To conclude, there is an abundance of the pros of this bike. The only visible drawback is the weight which is due to the fact that the bike has been made out of steel.

On the other hand, steel is a good choice as it is long lasting, durable and sturdier than other metal choices available in the market. It is also immune to rust due to water splashes or too much oxidation. If you are looking for a stylish, affordable and durable bike that caters to the needs of women, then this is the bike you should opt for.

There are quite a few choices that you will find that deliver a bike of this caliber. Whether you are buying a bike for yourself or gifting it to someone, you can never go wrong with the Retrospec Beaumont 7 Speed Lady’s Urban City Commuter Bike.


The Kent Avondale Men’s Hybrid 700C bike is one of the famous models in our list for best commuter bikes under $200. This hybrid bike contains the features of many types of bikes such as mountain bikes, cruiser bikes, touring bikes, etc. It is a single bike that can be used for multiple reasons. This is one of the plus points of this bike that set it apart from the others on this list.
Secondly, this bike can be used by people of all kinds of experience levels; starting from novices all the way to professionals. They can be used both for your daily commute back and forth either from work or school as well as adding a fitness and wellness regime into your routine.

The Kent Avondale can be used on all sorts of terrains whether rough and uneven or a smooth and paved one. So if you are looking for a bike that you can easily ride on both trails, this bike is the one for you. It comes with a high-performance braking system which is one of the latest models available in the market. It can be controlled by the one lever present on the handlebar of the bike.

The Avondale comes equipped with high-quality components which include a handmade aluminum frame which is light in weight, Shimano 21 speed shifters, and derailleurs. Also included on the bike are aluminum rims through bolt-on hubs which help make the bike theft-resistant thus making it the perfect bike to ride and commute on.


One of the best features of the Kent Avondale hybrid bike is the tough and sturdy frame. This is made using high-quality aluminum and is handcrafted to provide the rider with maximum performance as well as comfortability during the ride.

The aluminum helps make it strong enough to withstand any damages as well as light in weight so that there is no stress or strain on the rider when biking. The aluminum frame has also been reinforced to add on to the performance of the bike. It can also withstand the weight of most users and will still provide you with optimum performance on any sort of terrain.


This particular commuter bike also comes equipped with linear-pull aluminum brakes which help provide an extra 40% of stopping power in comparison to conventional brakes. Also, the brakes come with sure stop one level anti-locking brake system.

The anti-locking braking design also adds extra safety for the rider before, during and after the ride. The anti-locking is mechanically triggered for added performance. The linear-pull brakes found on the Avondale are one of the more latest models and are rarely found on most bikes in this price range making this an added cherry on top of an already great bike.


A derailleur can also be found on the rear side of the bike which is made up of high-quality material and helps the rider achieve maximum performance during the ride. The kind of derailleur found on this particular hybrid bike is unlike those found on most bikes in the market. This model has been modified to help adjust the chain alignment and to help provide optimum chain movement.


Also found equipped on the Kent Avondale Men’s hybrid 700c bike are the Shimano shifters. This helps provide ease when shifting between gears. The shifter is high performance and can take on any sort of terrain or task.

The Shimano shifters are also easy to replace and upgrade when damaged unlike most shifters present in the market today. They are also reliable and durable as they will last you a long while. Shimano shifters are best known for the high performance especially when going uphill.


The stand out design of the cassette present on the bike increases the function of the bike chain as well as the gear shifters.

This helps the chain in staying in its set position before, during and after the ride. The cassette is made using components that will give you long-lasting performance as well as durability. The cassette design on the Kent Avondale helps in providing a smooth and comfortable ride on any sort of terrain.


The seats and the handles on the Kent Avondale Men’s hybrid bike are ergonomic in design as well as comfortable. They have been designed in such a way to provide stress and strain free riding experience whether you are commuting long distances or even just around the corner. Also, this design helps the entire look of the design and makes it aesthetic as well as beautiful. 


  • This bike features ergonomic handles and seat as well
  • Its aluminum frame is strong while keeping the bike lightweight
  • It has very powerful shifters that can take you uphill no matter what the challenge is
  • It brakes which are made of alloy which are prepared with slide stop technology
  • The Kent Avondale Men’s Hybrid 700c Bike has slide pad technology which gives a safe experience while riding it.


  • Its water bottle holder tends to get damaged
  • You do not receive an assembling tool when you buy the bike
  • The tires may puncture
  • This bike’s chain needs to be maintained properly so everything the bike gives is good
  • It features rims that are of poor quality
  • If in a scenario the chain of the bike does not get stretched properly then the gears may moan
  • Its manual does not give you much detail when it comes to tuning the bike


After looking at the Kent Avondale bike from all directions and dimensions, with a fair and unbiased opinion, we have decided that this is one of the best commuter bikes especially if you’re looking for a hybrid bike. The bike is look wise appealing and attractive as it looks sleek and classy. It can be used by a variety of riders of various sizes.

The machine is high performance and despite its price tag is the ideal bike for most men. When it comes to choosing a great bike, choosing this one will prove to be a great decision and investment for the modern man.

The company has made sure that not only is it powerful and durable but comes with many features that act as a well put together system to provide and fulfill all your requirements. It is easy to assemble as it comes with a manual with clear instructions and does not require any extra tools to put it together.


The Fortified Theft Resistant 8 Speed Disc-Brake City Commuter Bike is going to be the last one we introduce you to on our list for the best commuter bikes under $200.

This commuter bike has been built to survive in the city. The bike also comes equipped with many features that are rare to be found in a bike with this price range. The City Commuter bike is also known as the Invincible as it can undergo and withstand any sort of damage.


Bicycle theft which includes either stealing the entire bike or its parts is a problem in many places whether urban or rural.

The company, Fortified, thus came up with a solution and introduced its theft resistant bike which comes with a 100% guarantee against theft. Each component of the bike comes with theft-resistant bolts from the handlebars to the stem of the bike to the seat that it comes with.

Even the water bottle holder has been secured against theft of any sort. The commuter bike also is equipped with a U lock which is tough and sturdy and only adds on to the security. Only the owner of the bike can remove these bolts and locks using the two wrenches which are additionally provided by the company.


Rust is going to be the least of your worries when it comes to maintaining the Fortified Theft Resistant 8 Speed Disc-Brake City Commuter Bike. The frame of this particular bike made using a 6061 aluminum alloy which is resistant to rust.

The chain included on the bike is a KMC Rust buster and comes coated with zinc and chrome to help prevent any rust from occurring on the bike. The frame is also lightweight and sturdy. The weight of the bike totals at 26 pounds and can take on an extra 270 pounds which include both riders as well as cargo weight.


This particular commuter bike features 700 x 32c tires which are perfect for road usage. The tires will help the rider achieve a smooth and efficient ride on paved roads in all sorts of weather whether dry or wet provided that the pressure in the tires is 80 psi. The tires are also punctured resistant thus providing the bike with the ability to ride on rough and uneven roads without the worry of running over sharp material.


The bike has been designed keeping in mind its daily usage. It features an 8-speed drivetrain with a single gear on the front and eight gears on the rear side of the bike. The gears have also been marked to let the rider know what speed he is using the bike at. The gears featured on the Fortified City Commuter are ones that can be used both on flat and smooth roads as well as trails that are uphill.


This particular bike is available in three different sizes. The small size features a 50 cm frame and can be used by riders with a height of 5’4″ to 5’6″ while the medium features a 54 cm frame and can be used by riders with a height between 5’6″ to 5’11”. The large size has a frame of size 58 cm and is used by bikers with a height from 6’0″ to 6’2″.

The bike comes 80% assembled when it is shipped. The package also includes all the tools you will require to put the bike together and also includes the wrenches needed for the bolts and locks which make the bike theft-resistant. Also included are an extra tube, a bag to keep your tools in and a small bottle of grease. 


  • Its assembling is easy to do, it almost comes assembled when it is delivered and also has an online assembly instruction
  • It also caters to your design needs as it is quite fashionable and sleek design
  • The reflectors and the brakes work quite well
  • The seat can get adjusted so you can fix it according to what you are comfortable with
  • It also has tires that cannot get flat easily. They are flat-proof and you will not need to worry about getting punctured
  • It has 8 speeds so you can easily ride it in a hilly area without exerting a lot of energy
  • You will not have to spend money on fixing and maintaining it again and again so it is easy for you to keep
  • It has locks on its seat on its wheels and its handles so you will not have to go through it getting stolen so if you are in a public area the bike is still safe
  • It is featured with KMC rust buster components so you will not have to keep checking if it gets rusted again and again
  • You will not have to go over its maintenance again and again
  • It has a rack on its back for your convenience
  • Its brakes also are more stable than other brakes
  • It is lightweight because of its aluminum body so you can easily carry it up and down


  • The main problem of this bike is that it cannot entertain people who are shorter than 5 feet 2 inches or people taller than 6 feet 3 inches
  • The bike does not have a water bottle holder added in it
  • There are a few customers who get scratches on the bike’s frame when it arrives
  • If the buyer does not want to spend a lot of money when buying a bike or cannot spend then the price is a lot for them so this may not be the bike for them
  • The instructions do not exactly help
  • You might have to change the pedal of the bike after a few months of use
  • Even though it has 8 speeds but they cannot be used in many areas


The Fortified Theft Resistant 8 Speed Disc-Brake City Commuter Bike is an excellent investment for the money you put in and is a great decision for those with a set budget.

The bike comes equipped with features that are unlikely to be found in most bikes with a low price tag. The anti-theft locks and bolts are a bonus and if you’re a daily commuter and you have to leave your bike unattended, this particular bike will come quite in handy.


Final Words For best commuter bikes for under $200

If you yearn for a bike that you can ride as much as you want to and you want it to be in an affordable price range, then you should take a look at these bikes and choose from them all.

The best commuter bikes for under $200 are all here to help you decide which one you want to get for yourself. These bikes have been chosen after checking many different things and will not fail to amaze you. If you buy any bike from this list, then you can ride through your memories again.

Though if you want to choose personally then you can choose whichever you like the best. So if you want to buy it then make sure that you get the right bike you want. Why/because, if you get a wrong bike then you will not be able to ride it every day.

Note: If you are looking for an in-depth review of different bikes, then don’t forget to hit this page.

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