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Road Bike Vs Commuter | Difference B/W Road Bike & Commuter Bike

If you are considering taking a bike which will help you sail across the town then you landed upon the right article. Do you often get confused by the wide variety of options available, specially Road bike vs commuter?

You will encounter many riding on different types of bike. These people avail several options, that is currently spinning across your head, before settling at a perfect fit. If you want to get around the town then your options boil down to Road bike vs commuter . Commuter bikes, often referred to as city/hybrid bikes, and the other option is of a road bike. Now let’s dig into the differences between these traditional and city bikes.

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Features of the Commuter bike

In Road bike vs commuter, Commuter bike serves more of a functioning capacity and centers less on the form of bike. To drill the statement down, the commuter bike is simply the easiest route of moving from one point to another.

This bike offers a comfortable ride for it is designed in that manner. These bikes have certain features which make it ideal for day to day use. With wider saddles, strong wrist support, and stable upright position, a rider gets facilitated with an easy and comfortable commute.

These bikes own standard suspension systems which are found on front forks. With these suspensions, a rider gets assured of a smooth ride on pavement. One will find heavier and wider tires of these commuter bikes as they are fitted to provide a much smoother ride.

One may already have an idea that heavy tires are typically the tougher ones. These tires do not lose their speed by flats. The tires of the commuter bikes maintain a decent speed and do not slows a rider down which is vital especially when the rider needs to respect the time.

Commuter bikes offer additional features if we talk about Road bike vs commuter. Such features make the ride more convenient and easiest. Commuter bikes are equipped with fenders, racks, and generator-powered lights. One will often find clean belt-drive systems coupled with internal gears. There is a wide range of commuter bikes available to choose from which with add-on features make a ride not only easy but effortless.

Many bikes refer hybrid bikes like commuter bikes but there is a slight difference. One may already be aware that hybrid bike is a cross between a mountain bike and road bike. Where it can be termed as a road bike but with flat handlebar which is found in mountain bikes. Hybrid bikes further own slightly wider tires compared to the road ones. To term such hybrid bike as a commuter bike, one needs to possess feature frame fixtures which could host mounting fenders coupled with a rack of bags. With such an addition hybrid takes the form of commuter.

The best thing about a commuter bike ride in Road bike vs commuter is that a rider does not feel the necessity of putting on special riding shoes and short for availing an effortless commute. One can style his or her way across the town with these city bikes for they offer immense comfort.

Features of the Road bike 

Now here strikes a vital question of Road bike vs commuter: When commuter bikes are specifically designed for making the ride easier and more comfortable then why would one go for a road bike? Can’t get your head around this question?

Well, normally one does not own different bikes for different purposes thus having just a single bike which could serve multipurpose often do the trick. There are long commutes and it is not just about traveling a few miles in a day. Longer commutes get tough to bear twice a day. So, for that purpose, an idea strikes to multiply the efficiency of the riding experience. Thus, in order to boost the efficiency of one resort for a road bike. One may already be aware of the fact that traditional road bikes are often labeled as 10 speeds for they offer premium speed and high level of efficiency.

When weighing your options between a road bike and commuter bike or simply comparing Road bike vs commuter, keep your focus on the design and the construction’s point. Road bikes deal with the speed from every aspect. These bikes are not equipped with any suspension system. Road bikes simply maintain a rigid frame coupled with a fork.

If you are dazed about the benefits of rigid forks and frames then, in simpler words, they make your bike lighter by saving on weight. Bikes with suspension system are heavy and do not offer the same efficiency comparatively with the ones with fork/rigid system. The energy which a rider inputs to activate a suspension gets utilized in road bikes for moving bikes ahead easily in forwarding motion.

Road bikes are equipped with tall and large 700C wheels which offer a greater rollout. Larger wheels cover more surface area in a single revolution thus increased efficiency. The narrow tires provide less rolling resistance again boosting up the speed and the efficiency level.

Final words for Road bike vs commuter:

If your commute does not involve rolling for up to 15 miles and that too twice a day, then the suggestion is to go for commuter bikes for availing all the comfort. In this case of Road bike vs commuter, commuter bikes clearly wins.

Go for a road bike if you are looking for quick acceleration. With lighter, narrow and large wheels, riders can avail optimum speed. The absence of suspension further makes the road bike lighter and efficient. If your daily commute involves pushing the bike up the hill then the intelligent choice would be to go for road bikes. As pushing through heavy commuter bike up the hill won’t do you much good.

One key thing to note here is that as a rider, you will have to compromise on the riding position, for it is pretty aggressive. There are certain road bikes which will offer a decent comfort but many do not. The downward position of the handlebars styled for aerodynamic gain doesn’t suit many.

So now it is the rider’s call to prioritize the bike according to the mileage and sort the clash between Road bike vs commuter. .

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