Best Commuter Bikes For Under $300 (1)

Best Commuter Bikes For Under $300

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Biking is a great way to inculcate exercise in your life but before deciding on yours one must know what are the best commuter bikes for under $300 to make sure that it is affordable as well.

Biking for some is just a hobby but it is healthy to include it in your daily routine. When you are commuting whether that’s to work or to a weekend getaway or even just to the neighborhood supermarket, the bike you choose must be one that will make your ride smooth and strain-free for your back or neck.

This list will help you in deciding which is the best bike for your daily commute. It will keep you safe due to its high-quality derailleurs and it will ensure that you have a smooth ride no matter what the weather.

The main job of a commuter bike is to make sure that your daily rides are more fun so that you enjoy and stay healthy at the same time. Before buying your bike, you should make sure that it fulfills all your desired requirements so that it fits your commute style.

Buying a commuter bike is hard due to there being a various range of bikes out there in the market whether that may be its features or its price range but we will make it easy for you with the following list that covers every single type there is and the best ones from them.

Best Commuter Bikes For Under $300

These are Best For Long-Distance Commutes. These bikes are a great fit for fast commuters. These own Light frame which means lightweight but at the same time, it provides little shock absorption. It offers multiple Gears. Why not prefer it? Needs high maintenance.


Road bikes are a great choice when it comes to commuter bikes and the Sixthreezero is the first on the list of best commuter bikes under $300. They will get the job done and get you to work in a jiffy no matter how far it is. They have lighter frames compared to others thus making them quicker.

The Sixthreezero also comes with a rear rack which is perfect for keeping any sort of baggage in and is also a bonus, a feature rarely found in such bikes. The bike has been designed keeping the rider in mind and how they should have the ultimate riding experience.

One of the reasons why we chose the Sixthreezero is because it is one of the leading brands out there in the market and the amount and the quality of features are to be highlighted especially at this price point.


The Sixthreezero is incredibly stylish and will make sure that you have a comfortable ride no matter where you take it or what weather you ride it in. Its frame is light in weight and is made of aluminum which helps in making it durable. Weighing in at only 37 pounds it is one of the lightest commuter bikes present. It comes in various sizes and a range of colors that you can choose from according to your personality and liking.

Even then each bike is the same with the same number and type of features included in it. The brakes are present on both the front and rear sides are which gives it the power to stop whether it is in traffic or in an emergency. They will work well in any weather condition. The Shimano 7-speed derailleurs will perform well in a variety of terrains to make sure your ride is a smooth one whether it may be to the nearest supermarket or a long-distance one.


The Sixthreezero is a 7-speed bike made up of an aluminum frame that is light and durable. It also includes a rack that can attach baskets. Fenders can also be attached to the bike but they have to purchased separately. The bike comes assembled partially for your ease but the rest is to be assembled using the manual that comes along with the package.

The seats and grips are made of leather which resembles the entire style of the bike. The seat will keep you in an upright position during your entire ride and will make sure that there is no stress or strain on your back or neck. The wheels used in the Sixthreezero are 700x35c wheels which can be used in any sort of terrain but is best for city use. The derailleurs help in easy gear shifting.


  • The aluminum frame is light and durable
  • The bikes style is unique and on-trend.
  • The Sixthreezero comes with a warranty
  • With proper maintenance of the bike, it will last you a long time
  • The company’s customer service is a bonus to help you out with any difficulties
  • The bike can be customized according to your preferences
  • It comes with the front as well as rear brakes


  • The manual can be a little confusing for first-timers
  • Included in the bike are caliper bikes instead of disc brakes so stopping points should be added in between the ride.
  • The bike has been designed keeping in mind short distance commutes.


The company Sixthreezero is a well-established brand in the bike industry and it is better to go for a trusted brand when choosing your first commuter. This bike is one of the most affordable ones out of our list especially with the quality and the number of features included. Not only that, but it also looks good and will never go out of style. The fenders included are a plus point to keep you well protected during the ride.


This bike is one of the best options a woman will find out in the market when looking for a commuter bike for under $300. The Schwinn Women’s Phocus 1600 road bike is an incredible bike for beginners as well as those who love to commute to work by bike.

The bike is a drop bar road bike and it is also incredibly fashion-forward especially keeping women in mind it has been designed in various colors to suit each individual’s personal style.

The Schwinn Company has been making incredible bikes for men and women alike for years and has also led the market. The Phocus has a unique modern look to it with all of its included features that are unlike any other.


This bike has been designed keeping in mind women who are incredibly fashion-forward and want to stay fit and healthy. This bike has a frame made up of aluminum and it includes a carbon fork.

The size of the frame is 16 inches and it weighs a total of 33 pounds. The carbon fork is a rare feature to be included in a bike for beginners.

The material used for this bike is of high quality to ensure that your bike is durable and strong during your commute. The tires used for the Schwinn are Kenda K-196 700x23c and look quite stylish as well. The rims are made up of alloy and have a 32 h-4 spoke pattern.


The Schwinn comes along with the Shimano Claris level shifters that are trusted and sturdy. Both the front and rear derailleurs are the Shimano 2300 model which provides smooth transitioning when shifting gears. They will give you incredible performance and will make sure that you are at ease during your ride.


The brakes on the Phocus 1600 give you full control over your bike. The ProMax alloy caliper is trustworthy and will keep you safe. The downside though to the brakes on this bike is that they are not that comfortable.


The bike only comes in one size and it is recommended for those that have a height ranging from 5’2 to 5’9. The size of this commuter bike’s frame is 56 cm


The Phocus 1600 comes partly assembled as in its parts will come assembled and you will have to put them together to make up the bike. This can take some time especially if you’re new to bikes so its best if you take advice from a local bike shop before you start assembling it.


  • The frame is made up of aluminum and is light in weight
  • The derailleurs and shifters are made by Shimano
  • The wheels are made of alloy and are 700c
  • The Phocus 1600 comes with an affordable price tag


  • There is only one size available in this model
  • There are no gear indicators


This bike is , one of the best commuter bikes under $300,  for those who are trying to bring biking into their daily commute. It comes with a low price and a whole lot of features perfect for a beginner. It is stylish as well as sturdy as it was designed keeping in mind those who prefer both fashion and safety. It will keep you comfortable and your back and neck stress-free during the entire ride.
Single Speed Commuter Bike

Single Speed Commuter Bike

Why prefer Single Speed Commuter Bike as best commuter bikes under $300? One needs to pay less attention to their maintenance. Ride care-free for an entire season, as there are no derailleurs or shifter cables.Why not prefer Single Speed Commuter Bike? You need to be cautious about the usage of single speed bikes over hills. There are no easy gears which will help you the incline.


The Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear bike has also made it into our list for the best commuter bikes for under $300. It has been designed purely keeping in mind those who want to use the said bike not just for their daily commute to and fro from work but also for leisure activities when going on weekend getaways to any sort of terrain.

It is perfect for those who want to include a healthy activity in their daily routine as well. The bike’s frame is a simple and sturdy one that you can depend on to keep you safe.


The frame is made up of high-quality material which is shock absorbent as well to keep you comfortable no matter where you ride. The material is also so good that it will last you a long while. It is also incredibly lightweight due to the build and the shape of the frame. The frame on the Original Fixie will keep you stable as well.

There are no rear brakes only front ones. These front brakes are caliper brakes thus they do not provide enough stopping power as one would like especially in a high emergency or on a wet road.

You can also add on a rack on the rear side of the bike which will be quite useful in carrying any sort of material you might require at work. The high spoke count will keep the weight of the bike controlled so that you adding on any sort of luggage won’t make a lot of difference.


The tires are designed quite stylishly and are unique as well but they are a little delicate. This is because this bike was designed keeping in mind usage in city commute but even there, there can be a few faults. The tires cannot handle huge impacts and some sharp objects can be damaging to the tires but they can always be replaced and upgraded to better ones.


The Pure Fix Original Fixie is quite fashion-forward and is of a design which will not be out of trend at any time in the future. The frame gives a funky metallic look unlike others and the tires and handlebars found on this bike are rarely found in other bikes thus giving it a distinctive look.

There is a huge variety of colors available for this model and one can find one just according to their style and preferences.


The Pure Fix has Thick Slick 700ccx28 tires which give you full control and power over the bike no matter where you riding it whether it might be a wide-open road or if you’re stuck in any traffic.

The 40mm deep wheels ensure great handle over the bike’s movements and are said to result in a lesser amount of flats. The bike does come with a freewheel hub option but at this setting rear brakes are not available. Along with the bike comes a lifetime warranty on the frame of the bike which is quick sturdy.


The bike does not come assembled so you’re going to have to put it together yourself which is not that hard. But after doing that you should get it checked out at nearby bike shop just to ensure that it has been put together the right way.

But we do though recommend that you have it assembled by professionals before you get it shipped to you. This is to make sure that the warranty that comes with the bike is valid as it is only applicable if a professional has assembled it.


  • This bike can last long
  • It is also lightweight
  • It is convenient as well as affordable


  • The Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Bike does not have high-quality tires for your use


The Pure Fix Original Fixie is, one of the best commuter bikes under $300, a bike that is lightweight, stylish, reliable as well as easy to control. One cannot go wrong when choosing this commuter bike. A bonus to this bike is the freewheel option and the low price tag.

One cannot find this many features in a single bike in one place with this price range. It is a bike which is going to keep you safe and get you places on time no matter where you are commuting to. The quality of the material used in this bike is top-notch.

You can also add various accessories to your bike which are made by the same company.


The Big Shot Prime-Line Fixie Bike for men and women is next on our list for best commuter bikes for under $300. Big Shot is an online company that sells fixie bikes at affordable rates so that you do not have to go fishing too deep to get a good quality bike which fulfills all your needs and preferences.

The company also has a feature that helps you customize the bike however you want. Though there is not a lot of variety when it comes to choosing components that you would like in your bike you can choose from a whole variety of colors and make up various combinations till you find the one that is perfect for you and represents your style is.

This particular bike though has a steel frame and is shock absorbent no matter where you ride it to or ride it on. The frame is light in weight and sturdy but it has been designed in a forward-leaning position. The handlebars provided on the bike are of a bullhorn design which is rare to find as most bikes tend to have a drop bar.

This is so to reduce the strain on your neck and back while you are extending over. The deep wheels on the bike are a size 43mm and provide control over the bike when you ride it as it is made up of a material that will not let your bike slip on sleek roads.

Also included on the bike is a high spoke count which helps in attaching a rack on the rear side of the bike if needed while commuting. This is turn also adds a certain weight to the bike’s body. It though does not have multiple gears present.

Both front and rear caliper brakes are included on the fixie bike. You can also switch from riding freewheel to rear single speed hub which helps you go from high to low speeds. A plus point to this bike is that the company Big Shot is open to anyone and everyone during its business hours and the address is also stated on their website.


The Fixie bikes by Big Shot company can be customized according to your liking before it is shipped to you. There is a customization interface on the website which is easy to use and navigate. Just click on the part you want to change the color of and you will be provided with a range of different colors.

To see how the bike looks as a whole, click on the large bike image and it will give you an idea. You also have the feature of building your bike so that you can decide how it looks.

This is a wonderful feature unlike any other found on our list or maybe even in the market. You can choose colors from a whole range of colors for various features which included the bike’s frame, its tires, its rims, seat and many more.

This way you can choose the perfect bike for yourself; one that represents you as a whole, one that is just on track with your style preferences and as you have designed it yourself, you will become attached to your bike as it was made just for you.


Many have claimed the bike to be a worthwhile investment as it is made up of good quality material which makes the bike sturdy. A lot of customers have given it rave reviews and that it still works well even after a year of its purchase and that the tires have not been damaged.

They love that the bike comes with both front and rear brakes and that it rides smoothly in any sort of weather. The components of the Fixie bike will last you a long while. Also included on the bike are two cogs to help you switch between gear options which include the fixed gear option and single speed options.


Big Shot also provides great customer support service to make sure that their customers are fully satisfied with the bike they receive. You can contact them either through phone, email or through the live chat available on their website.


The Fixie bike will need to be assembled by you as due to packaging and transportation it cannot be shipped. You have to install the saddle, front wheels, levers and tires yourself. You can do this yourself using basic tools.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, seek professional help from a nearby bike shop. It is though important that you get it checked out before you ride it to make sure that it has been assembled properly.


The Big Shot Prime-Line Fixie Bike has a one-year warranty for the components which include faults like defects and construction. This warranty is only applicable to the original owner. These components have to be approved by the company before they are covered in the warranty. 


  • You can customize the bike and change it into what you want because the company has a customization feature. This will make your bike look more personal.
  • If something goes wrong, you can contact customer care and you will be solved as soon as possible
  • You will get your bike in 3 days because the company has a fast delivery service
  • Many customers have said that the parts are durable because of being high quality
  • This bike features a tension adjuster so that you can set the chains properly
  • It also comes with 2 cogs, one cog is for selecting the fixed bike choice and the other cog is for the freewheel single gear choice.


  • Compared to this bike’s durability its warranty is too small as it is for one year only
  • This bike’s weight is 10.43 kg which might tend to be heavy for a few people.
  • For payment, you can only use major credit cards because the company only accepts those


This bike is perfect, one of the best commuter bikes under $300, as it includes the customization feature. This brings a sense of belonging and character to your bike as it has been designed by you according to your style. The customer support and visiting privileges for their warehouses are amazing. The bike will tick all the boxes for you and more as it is also quite affordable.


Why to prefer URBAN COMMUTER BIKES? These are best for harsh riding conditions. They offer heavy frames which can resist bumpy roads. Requires less maintenance.
Why not prefer to URBAN COMMUTER BIKES? One can avail comfortable riding position, but this is not an ideal choice for aggressive uphill pedaling.


The 6KU Aluminum Single Speed Bike is one of the best commuter bikes for under $300. It requires low maintenance which is a plus point as one doesn’t have to worry about it getting ruined when out riding the bike on your way to work or to the local grocery store.

It has flat handlebars so that you don’t have to completely extend your back to reach them and can be comfortable without any sort of stress or strain on your back or neck. It includes an aluminum alloy frame and an alloy fork as well. 


The 6KU is available in two different frames, aluminum and steel so that you can choose which one is the best for you. The steel frame though heavy is quite sturdy while the aluminum is cheaper, light in weight and gives you better control over the bike. The alloy fork included on the bike gives you stability while taking a ride.

The aluminum frame is sized at only 58cm and weighs 21 pounds which will help you navigate your way through a busy or open street with ease.

The 6KU Aluminum Single Speed Bike comes with front and rear brakes that have to be removed when cleaning and maintaining the bike. The bike also comes with a cinch to help you easily switch between different riding modes.

The bike does not come with fenders or a rear rack but they can be attached if required but this would include shelling out a little extra. The wheels are stylish and can pick up speed are not as top-notch as one would expect. Thus making the bike less stable and more prone to any sort of damages and instability.


The seat and handlebars are made up of synthetic leather which gives it a unique look and keeps you comfortable throughout the ride.


The wheels used on this bike are 700x25c tires which make the ride smooth and not add that much weight to the bike. The wheels are made up of alloy and are 30mm in size. This helps in controlling the bike and making sure that your ride is smooth and comfortable. 


  • It is a proper bike when compared to its price range so it is affordable
  • Being lightweight you will not have to strain your energy handling the bike
  • It is versatile and looks great
  • You can get in any color or size of your choice
  • It runs smoothly
  • You do not have to worry about it being uncomfortable
  • You can easily remove its front and rear brakes
  • It features Kenda tires with which you can do different types of tricks
  • It has replaceable stainless steel dropouts
  • You can easily assemble it with basic tools


  • Its handlebar is narrower than other bike’s handlebars
  • The pedals of the 6KU Aluminum Single Speed Bike are made of plastic which is not a good material to manufacture pedals from


This bike , one of best commuter bikes under $300, is the perfect choice, especially for those commuting intercity. It is strong and durable as well as light in weight so that you can use it for many years to come.

It will get you anywhere you want quick and easy as you will have great control over the 6KU. The bike comes at a low price making it incredibly affordable for anyone.

The Single Speed Bike is incredibly stylish and has a unique flair to it. There are only a couple of small issues related to the bike which can easily be upgraded to have a better experience.
​Hybrid Commuter Bike

​Hybrid Commuter Bike

Why to prefer Hybrid Commuter Bike as best commuter bikes under $300? Offers similar frames of that to a road bike. With wider wheels, one can avail long and smooth commutes. Multiple gears provide easy ride over hills and internal gear hubs provides freedom from long cleaning sessions.


Sixthreezero is one of the leading brands in the market which is why we have included it in our list for the best commuter bikes for under $300. This company has been making bikes for years; for men, women and alike thus it is reliable and worth the investment into a good bike and a healthy exercise to keep you fit during your daily commute.


This bike was made for the daily commuter. It is light, agile and quite durable as it can undergo and withstand the pressures of everyday use without any sort of damages to itself. The bike has a gear system to help you easily switch gears in between your ride.

This bike was designed keeping in mind those who have a longer commute. It has been in such a way that by using all the features you will be provided with the ultimate riding experience. A plus point to all of this is the price tag which comes along with the incredibly low features.


The hybrid commuter bike comes partially assembled which is about 85%. You are going to have to finish assembling the bike yourself. If you have no particular experience or cannot understand the manual’s guidance do ask a professional from a local bike shop or seek help.


The Sixthreezero comes in only one size which is perfect for those whose height ranges from five feet to six feet.


  • It has an aluminum frame which keeps it lightweight
  • It features Shimano components which is a big, well-known company for bike parts
  • Its 700c tires will not stop you from speeding up instead they are suitable for high speed if you want to ride the bike quickly.
  • Its smooth braking system will stop you from toppling over the bike when you pull the brakes to come to a halt.
  • Its saddle is comfortable
  • It is one of the best bikes for the city
  • With its frame design, you or any other rider will be able to take a better and more comfortable riding stance.


  • Its brakes and gears will need fine-tuning
  • This bike does not come in different sizes
  • It is only suitable for town or city usage


This one of the best commuter bikes under $300 is the ideal bike for those who prefer a hybrid bike for their daily commute. It is tough, affordable and light in weight. It has been designed keeping in mind regular usage and it will provide you with speed and control over the bike.


Lastly in our best commuter bikes for under $300 is the Sixthreezero Women’s Hybrid Cruiser Bike. this is a bike that is perfect for women who like to ride with style. It is versatile and it will get you a lot of comments, good ones of course. It is a hybrid city bike which says it all.

With this bike, your ride will go as smooth as possible and you can use it to ride distances that are far comfortably. There is no need to worry about it being proper all the time as it needs low maintenance.


Its frame shape will look weird when you see it the first time because it drops right beneath the seat. Though the thing is that the shape of the frame will give you a big advantage. Why? Because the frame design helps you to step over the bike so that you can mount it easily and so that you will not have any difficulty to step over the bike when you will be stuck in traffic in the city. This frame is also made of aluminum which makes it quite lightweight. This saves you from handling it with difficulty. Also, it makes the bike durable for your convenience so that you will not have to buy another bike any time soon.


Its speed ranges from three speed to seven-speed to 24-speed configurations.


The wheels featured in this bike model are wide hybrid cruiser wheels. These wheels can resist punctures and it has high spoke count as well. In diameter, it is 26 inches and in width, it is 2 inches. Now the difference in these wheels from other road wheels is that they are. The advantage of the wheels being significantly longer is that they can absorb the bumps and you can ride near small potholes more smooth than others. Another plus point of these wheels is that they can take on heavyweight without losing their performance. This is quite considerable because the Sixthreezero Women’s Hybrid Cruiser Bike also features a rack for your stuff to keep. If the weather conditions are wet or something that can harm your tires, then you don’t have to worry because the wheels are also covered with fenders which will keep them protected and dry all the time.


The handlebars of the Sixthreezero Women’s Hybrid Cruiser Bike are up so that helps you remain a straight posture while riding it around town. Also, its made for riders with the height from 5 feet to 6 feet 2inches tall.


  • It is lightweight so it will not be a burden for you to carry
  • The frame is shaped in a way for you to easily step down
  • It is durable
  • Wheels are long which avoids punctures and can carry a lot of weight
  • It has a rack for your convenience
  • It has a padded seat too
  • It features quick-release too


  • You will not be able to ride it if you don’t match the height description.


The Sixthreezero Women’s Hybrid Cruiser Bike, one of the best commuter bikes under $300,  is a great city commuter bike for women. It is stylish as well as durable. It will keep up with all your preferences and give you stability as well during your ride. It being incredibly light in weight will make sure that you have complete control over the bike. A bonus is the quick release feature which helps in easy cleaning.  

Final words for best commuter bikes for under $300 :

All in all, the list provides a lot of commuter bikes ranging from hybrid to urban bikes thus making this the ultimate list to go through before choosing which is the perfect commuter bike for you.

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