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How to Wrap a Bike as a Presentable Christmas Present [2022]

How to Wrap a Bike – If you’re looking for a fun children’s Christmas birthday gift, a bike will be an outstanding option.

Not only can children have loads of fun on the bike, but it’s a great way to encourage them to get loads of exercise.

However, bicycles are not just an exciting present for kids. They can also be great gifts for adults and teenagers who are enthusiastic about cycling

Though a bicycle can be a unique present idea, they are not the most convenient of gifts. After all, they have a pretty distinctive shape and tend to be quite large.

Bikes can be really hard to wrap, thus removing any element of surprise. To help you, we have created a detailed set of bicycle gift wrapping ideas to help you get wrapping away!

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Items Needed

  • A bike: although this may be stating the obvious, you will need a bike to complete the gift wrap. Be sure to get one that will appeal to the user and that is the right size.
  • Wrapping paper: this will be an essential item. Ensure that you purchase high-quality wrapping paper. Otherwise, it can tear quite easily.

Also, you should try to find some aesthetically pleasing wrapping paper. Though it will ultimately be ripped off the bike, it nonetheless makes for a nice-looking gift.

If the bike is a Christmas present, this Hallmark wrapping paper will look stunning.

how to wrap a bike wrapping paper
  • Tape: this will be crucial for holding the wrapping paper in place. Tape can be found in most supermarkets and craft stores.
  • A pair of scissors: like tape, this may be a given. Scissors will be utilized to cut the wrapping paper and tape.

You will likely already own a pair of scissors, though they are readily available if you don’t.

  • A large cardboard box (optional): one method of disguising a bike’s shape is to cover it in a box. Of course, you will need a box that is bigger than the bike and is sturdy enough to fit it.

If you have ordered the bike online, it may already come in a box that will be much easier to wrap.

  • Bubble wrap (optional): another way of deceiving the recipient is to use bubble wrap to alter the shape of the bike.

You can wrap it in bubble wrap to create a completely different silhouette. An added bonus of this technique is that bubble wrap will provide extra protection.

  • Wrapping decorations: if you want to make the gift look more decadent, you can add a bow and ribbons.

You may also want to add a gift tag so that you can write the name of the recipient.

how to wrap a bike christmas tree

Instructions on How to Wrap a Bike

  • To start, you will need to decide whether you want to disguise the appearance of the bike. As mentioned in the “Equipment†section, you can use either a big box or bubble wrap to achieve this effect. Simply put the bike in a large enough box and then seal it with tape.

Meanwhile, if you plan on using bubble wrap, simply wrap this around the bike to create whatever shape you want. You may need to use a few layers of wrap to alter its shape.

To secure the bubble wrap in place, use tape. If you are giving the bike as a Christmas present, a good idea is to make the gift look festive.

For example, you might want to decorate the bike as a reindeer or snowman.

  • Once you have made your decision, it is time to get to the wrapping stage. If you have opted for the box or bubble wrap option, this should be a fairly simple process.

Simply cover the box in wrapping paper, fold down the sides, and keep it in place with tape.

If you have decided to leave the bike in its original shape, you will next need to choose whether you want to wrap the parts of the bike separately or as one big mass.

Individually wrapping different sections will be more time-consuming, though it will be very effective.

Either way, you will need to be careful, as the paper can rip. As with other gifts, simply cover in the wrapping paper and secure this with tape.

  • Next, add some finishing touches. This may include a card, bow, ribbon, or gift tag. If you have decided to make the bike look like something else, you may want to add decorations that will add to this effect.

For instance, if you have chosen to make it look like a snowman, you may want to use orange paper to make a carrot-like nose.

Add this Bicycle Seat Belt Prank Gift Box to the surprise for an extra laugh!

how to wrap a bike prank gift box

Other Wrapping Inspiration

  • If you are feeling lazy, you can instead merely put an oversized bow on the bike.

This will make for a much simpler wrapping solution, though it of course will not leave any mystery as to what the gift is.

  • For a seasonal solution, you can wrap fairy lights around the bike. Doing so will add some warmth to the gift.

This will mean that you need to leave the bike near a plug socket (unless you use battery-operated fairy lights).

  • If you can find one big enough, you can merely put the bike in a gift bag or sack.

For instance, these gift bags from Joyousa are designed for sizable Christmas presents, such as bikes.

how to wrap a bike gift bag
  • Instead of wrapping the bike, you can add to the mystery of the present by making a treasure hunt. This will be especially appealing for younger kids.

You can keep the bike in a hidden location and keep it as the ultimate prize of the treasure hunt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Wrap A Bike In Vinyl?

Yes, you can. Doing so will customize the bike, allowing you to choose the colour that you want. Plus, vinyl adds protective and safety elements to the bike.

You should bear in mind that it can be extremely time-consuming. Plus, it can be quite costly if you hire a professional.

Can Bike Boxes Fit In Cars?

This will be dependent on the size of the bike and the size of your car. Most bike boxes will fit in most normal-sized cars, though you may not be able to fit any passengers in.

If you have folding seats, this will be much more convenient. If your car is quite small, you are unlikely to fit a bike box in the vehicle.

Consequently, you may have to pay a delivery fee.