7 Best Folding Mountain Bikes

For people looking for ease and comfort in the transportation of their bikes, one of the best folding mountain bikes is a prime choice. There are more people coming towards biking activity every day. To cater to this not only has the number of bikes manufactured annually increased but the kinds of bikes have also increased. This is because everyone has a different preference and need for the bike.

We have created a list of some of the best folding mountain bikes available in the market. These best folding mountain bikes can easily fit into the trunk of your car. This way you can take them from one place to the next.

There are many uses for the folding mountain bikes but the main is for racing and exercise purposes. This bike can be used on different terrains such as the paved and unpaved surfaces. Another thing to note is that these bikes are made of great material and actually very durable. 

The best folding mountain bikes that we have chosen for you now have been done after painstaking research so you can be assured that you are in good hands. Most of the bikes have high end suspension system that easily absorbs the many jerks that come with mountain biking. They are so lightweight that they can be carried too.

Mentioned below are the best budget folding bikes. They cater to different price ranges for your convenience.

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One of the best folding mountain bikes that we have come across is the Montague Paratrooper. It can be used on all kinds of surfaces, no matter how rough it gets. The bike is made of such material that no matter what the environmental conditions, it will remain in good condition for a long time.

It can survive hard falls. This is because of the technology employed and the high-quality materials. For such a low price, this bike is nothing short of a steal. For experienced riders, even this is the best choice. This had been designed mainly for military purposes and that is why it is a great choice for serious bikers. Montague also has fenders to keep the rider safe from the debris and any water that may splash during the rides.


The assembly of this bike takes no more than 20 seconds. If that doesn’t convince you to get the bike, we do not know what will. The bike clearly fulfills the criteria of a foldable mountain bike. Also, there is no damage done to the bike when you fold the back after usage. Montague has used its Folding Integrated Technology to make sure the structure of the bike does not get compromised. The seat has a tubing folding system that ensures that the structural tubes do not get cut in half and the hinges do not come loose.


A front suspension has been featured. The SR Suntour XCT suspension fork absorbs all the jerky movements that you may come across. It also features 80mm suspension travel. A bonus feature is that the shocks are adjustable according to the type of terrain. The drivetrain is also Shimano. This makes the ride more cohesive and gives you more control over the bike. There are 24 gears featured that you can shift very efficiently.


The pedals chosen for this bike are made of aluminum. This makes them resistant to a lot of wear and tear that the bike might ace during the mountain biking.


The wheels of the bike can be serviced and maintained at any bike service shop. This makes it even more convenient for you. The 26-inch alloy rims have 32 holes that keep the rims intact. They have been paired with Kenda Kinetics and can be used on rough off-road terrain as well.


The frame of the bike is also made of aluminum. It is very sturdy and durable. Military technology has been employed in this folding bike. Not only does it have the foldable quality but the features are quite high end and excellent craftsmanship has been employed. The weight of the whole bike is around 32 lbs.


Aero Mountain saddle is featured. This is a moderately comfortable saddle. It is found in most of the bikes.


The brakes used are mechanical disc brakes. This is another place the manufacturers have provided top-notch products.


This is found under the frame tube of the Paratrooper, near the seat. There is also a quick-release latch that detaches the rear chainstay. This way the bike can fold effectively. The front wheel can be removed using a release latch as well. Yje Montague Rack Stand can be turned upside down, this way it can be used as a bike stand. Once you get into practice, it won’t take you more than 30 seconds to fold it. 


  • It unfolds in 20 seconds
  • It folds in under 30 seconds
  • Used by the military
  • The design and choice of color (green) is great
  • Very durable and resistant to wear and tear
  • Responsive braking and well-integrated gear shifting system
  • Can be used on all terrains


  • The weight can be reduced


One thing you must keep in mind is that you need to get the right frame size. Otherwise, you will not only have trouble riding it but it may do you more harm than good. This bike is one of the best budget folding with amazing features. There aren’t many cons that we can take out of this bike. If the manufacturers can figure out a way around the weight issue, it will become more or less a perfect bike. It is very responsive and safe and we would implore you to go for it. 


Next up we have the Thruster KZ2600 mountain bike in our list of best folding mountain bikes. It has some amazing features that make it a worthy competitor. People of all experience levels can use this bike. Some of its features include the lightweight, the sturdiness of the frame and the excellent suspension system.

There isn’t a single use of this bike. It has been created to fully cater to all sorts of bikers. It has many accessories that are usually not found in such inexpensive bikes. The Thruster is one of the best touring bikes for touring. It can be used for all sorts of activities including commute, races, and exercise. Due to its ability to be folded, it can easily be carried around.


The bike features a full suspension system. It also has a rear derailleur and 21 speed Shimano Shifters. This way you can shift between the speeds quite efficiently. The featured fork will absorb most of the shocks found on a mountainside. The 65 mm travel suspension fork and travel gives the bike a smooth landing and hence a comfortable ride to the bikers. The rear derailleur is made by Tourney. These together with the Shimano Shifters provide more control to the biker.


There are two braking systems present on this bike. Disc brakes are present in the front ad the rear area of the bike has a linear-pull brake. They are quite safe and can bring the bike to a halt almost instantly. Kent International Inc is a company that prides itself on creating some of the best budget folding bikes. The disc brake has Shimano aluminum brake levers. As it employs fairly new technology, these brakes are one of the most expensive accessories on this bike. The linear brakes have great stopping power as well.


standard 26-inch tires are featured. Their width is 2.1inches. They can be used in all terrains and can even roll of small pebbles and rocks. The tires are very durable and can last you a long time. The rims are made of an alloy.


It has a strong hand-welded aluminum frame that is paired with a floating beam suspension design and a suspension fork. This keeps the body of the bike in good shape and also helps to minimize the bumpy ride.

The design of the bike is one of a kind. Only top quality materials have been used on this bike. It has been manufactured by one of the oldest manufacturers and hence is a company that can be relied upon. The bike weighs 40 lbs. It may seem a lot but it is one of the lightest entry-level mountain bikes. The color chosen is black and dark blue which gives it a very professional look. There is a single size available i.e. 19inch frame. This can be used by people with heights between 5 ft 4 inches to 6 ft. 


  • Two types of brakes featured
  • Tires can withstand rough terrain
  • Unique look and design
  • Quite cheap
  • Suspension helps absorb shocks
  • The ride is very comfortable
  • Only 40 lbs in weight
  • Shimano shifters paired with Tourney rear derailleur
  • The frame has been hand-welded
  • Alloy wheel rims are featured


  • Some people aren’t used to two brake system
  • The seat may be uncomfortable
  • You need to assemble it or get assembled


This bike is very affordable and has features that will have you amazed. It can carry weight up to 300 lbs and can cater to people of varying heights. The problem is that it needs to be assembled when you receive it. But overall it is quite a good choice for people that are looking for a folding mountain bike.


The Stowabke City V2 is another bike in our list for the best folding mountain bikes. It is very easy to store and refold after usage. It is perhaps the most inexpensive bike available in the market.

But one must keep in mind that due to the price tag, there may be some compromises to be made. Certain accessories have been invested in and paid attention to, so it is not all bad. This bike is an excellent choice for people that have an extremely limited budget.


The 20 inch steel folding frame contributes to its impeccable folding quality. Due to the choice of material, the bike is on the heavier side. Certain accessories come attached to this bike. They include a kickstand, some mudguards, and a rear rack. The name explains the functions as well.


A six speed Shimano gear system is featured on the bike. It helps the rider to maintain control of the bike in the most convenient way possible. One can smoothly and efficiently shift between gears even when the road is uneven.


When the bike is folded, it ends up being larger than the other bikes. This is because the handle post doesn’t fold as it does in other foldable mountain bikes. This can be considered as a downside of this bike. There is a lock that gets activated when the bike is folded. Some people may consider this a positive as it keeps the bike more secure but for most, it creates an added hassle. 


  • It is the cheapest bike available
  • The rides are not bumpy
  • Gear shifting is quite smooth
  • Some accessories have been included
  • It can be used for commuting
  • The color is attractive
  • Storage spaces have been provided
  • Mudguards keep the bike clean


  • It is heavier than other foldable bikes
  • The handlebar does not fold
  • Cheap accessories have been used


The main advantage of choosing this bike is that it is really cheap. Keeping this in mind, there are certain components that you as a rider may have to compromise on.

The ride is smooth so it is still a good option. For bikers that do not have an extended budget, the Stowabike City V2 Compact Foldable Bike is the way to go. Best inexpensive folding bike best affordable folding bike best budget folding bike The best folding bike for touring


This bike is an upgraded version of the Stowabike City V2 and has hence made its way into the best folding mountain bikes. The bike has considerably improved from the previous version. This is surprising as the manufacturers have still used cheap components. Because they are extremely cheap, they are also preferred by the masses.

This is one of the reasons that the company has gained its name in the bike riding industry. There are two color options available on this bike; black and white.This is basically a hybrid bike and can be used off the road and on it as well. This way you need only one bike for all your activities. It is better suited to more experienced bikers due to its size.


The frame of this model is quite large so that it can cater to varying heights of people. This StowaBike is a very strong and steady bike. this is due to its frame plus its weight. It is made with a steel frame that can help hold up a lot of weight which is up to 128 kg. Besides that, It can handle a 114 kg person.


Durable 26″ wheels are featured on this bike. People may argue that it would be awkward to carry around this bike as a 16″ bike folds more easily but for a little change in the cost if you get a better product, what is the harm.


The seat that is featured in this bike can be adjusted according to the height of the rider. Many users have advised that the seat should be adjusted to its maximum height. The seat comes pre-delivered, still, it has been recommended that the customer should get a gel seat as it is extremely comfortable. So if you are buying this bike for everyday use then you should really change the seat. The other thing you can do is that you can get is any seat cover with gel. This keeps you satisfied.


When it comes to this then there are a lot of different sayings. Women say that it is a woman bike because it has a nimble structure. Though men prefer to say that the bike is only for men. The actual thing is that it is for both. It is a unisex bike thus anyone can use the Stowabike.


This bike is fitted with a Rear Derailleur the Shimano RD-TY18S that has 6 speed shifters. The best speed to use is gear 3 when you are riding the bike on a flat surface.


This bike is mainly used as a city bike. so if you choose to ride it outside of the city then it’s better to ride on bike routes. You should do this because the bike routes are made of solid ground. Also due to the 6 gear derailleur, you can take the bike on hills and high lands thought taking it for a ride ina rough and unpaved way with broken bits around is not suitable and you will get uncomfortable. Though if you want to take the bike uphill then it is best to change the seat for your own convenience.


You do not have to worry about assembling this bike. the bike comes with a manual of how to put things together. The only thing you will have to do before riding this bike for the first time is that you will have to assemble the handlebars, front wheel, pedals and lastly the back rack. If you worry about doing something wrong, then you can check the trusty manual that will tell you how to do everything without hesitation.


  • The shock absorbers of this bike give full performance
  • The STOWABIKE 26″ MTB V2 FOLDING DUAL SUSPENSION 18 SPEED GEARS MOUNTAIN BIKE features 26″ wheels which are long lasting
  • It gives a great performance in cities but off road, it works well as well
  • It is cheap to fit into your budget
  • You can choose any speed within its 18 speed gears


  • It will be hard to remove the wheels from the bike
  • It features components which are cheap so they will not work well
  • A lot of your time will be wasted on these tires which are thick


Even this is a bike that can get folded but due to being a 26″ bike it still takes a lot of space even in folded form. So it’s not that comfortable for you to take if you are going to go on public transport. Though if you are someone who does not mind squeezing stuff in then it’s alright. If you are riding it to go somewhere near then you can but on long journeys, it is hard to put up with a lot of weight.

Though if you can handle a bit more weight with these tires then you can take it easily. One big advantage of this bike is that it folds quite quickly. It can fold in 20 seconds. It is a good pace. Another big disadvantage to keep in mind that it takes a lot of time to take the tires off. It also uses up a lot of your strength. Overall if we keep check of things with the price then it is a great bike for that less of a price.


The upcoming bike in our best folding bike list is the Cyrusher FR100 Men’s Full Suspension bike. this bike has been designed very well in full black and it is made up of an aluminum frame.

The most impressive feature of this bike is that it has 24 different speeds, allowing you to ride in whichever speed you want to without any hesitation. Also, these different speeds help traveling up and down hills into a more co-operative experience for you to fully enjoy and have advantages from.

This bike is sturdy and gives a great performance. It looks like a well-made bike and does not give less than what you expect, instead it exceeds your expectation. You can ride it in different weathers, different surfaces but still, this bike will not stop giving its utmost performance.

The Cyrusher Cycling World has been making separate bike parts as well as bikes and their accessories. They have been selling them internationally for as long as the past 3 years. They have factories and many headquarters in different areas.

From Shenzen to Tianjin. This company is one of the most thriving bike manufacturing companies in the whole world and not just in their country. Even though it is a relatively new bike company but it has made a good start and has instantly built up its name. exceeding in making exceptionally great bikes for you and others to purchase and enjoy riding on.


This bike features an aluminum alloy frame. These types of frames are the main and best features of any bike, especially this one. It is made up of high quality material which is durable and lightweight at the same time. Even if you use this bike for a long period of time you will not have to worry about the frame at all because it can withstand a lot of time and usage.


Another important feature of this bike is its brakes. They are added in the front and in the rear both. They are a huge advantage for the bike and its users. These brakes make the bike ride safer and more efficient. If we compare disc brakes to other types of brakes then these are a much better choice as they are fast at adapting to different terrains. The brakes of this bike will work even in wet conditions without fail.


To change gears in this bike is extremely easy and smooth. Also, it includes a lot of gearing options so you can ride it in different riding conditions. One more thing is that the experience it gives you will slowly boost each time you ride it.


The wheel size of this bike is perfect for a mountain bike. it is large enough so that it can put up with the needs of every different rider. Its tires are really well when it comes to traction. No matter what type of terrain you ride it on it will grip the surface firmly so that you do not fall over.


Its seat is well designed and comfortable as well. Its cushion helps absorb any sort of impact to save you from feeling it.


The Cyrusher FR100 Men’s bike has the best sort of suspension. It absorbs shock to minimize the vibrations and bumps felt by the rider. No matter if you are riding on a paved or unpaved road the suspension will keep you comfortable while riding.


It does not take that much space when folded. Thus, saving you from squeezing it in a small area.


Another plus point of this bike is that you do not have to pay much effort in assembling the bike. it already comes90% assembled so it only takes you minutes before it is ready to ride on. 


  • You don’t have to worry about assembling it because it comes 90% assembled
  • It has a disc braking system which will perform no matter what type of condition you find yourself in
  • It features 24 speeds so you can ride it whatever speed you prefer


  • It is not for people who want to buy a bike inside their budget 
  • It is not lightweight 
  • The CYRUSHER FR100 MEN’S FULL SUSPENSION FOLDING MOUNTAIN BIKE is not easy when it comes to folding it


This bike , one of the best folding mountain bikes, is made up of high-quality components. It has good design and is efficient at the same time. It gives a smooth ride and keeps you stable on the bike. this is an excellent choice if you are a buyer who wants to ride on and off road both.

Though it is a challenge because some people have a lot of complaints about having some parts not delivered with the bike. even though it is of high quality but there still are a few mistakes that occur during shipping. It is exceptional despite its price because everything in it is of great standard as well as the whole bike. it is a great choice for people who have a huge budget.


Next on our list for the best folding mountain bikes is the Columba 26 inch folding bike in the color yellow. It is quite tough and sturdy as well and can easily be confided in. This bike is one of the best ranked folding bikes that you will find out there in the market.

This particular bike is priced at around $200 and is well worth the investment as it comes forth in the quality of its features. The bike can easily be ridden on all sorts of surfaces whether that may be on city paved roads or the mountainsides. It can also be used for uphill riding. The bike is the perfect choice for riders who want to use it for their adventurous off road riding as well as for your everyday daily commutes. With an affordable price tag, this bike is quite the steal and is worth the buy. Even with the few downfalls, the positive aspects of the bike overcome them well.


This folding bike is quite an investment because it can be used in all sorts of conditions and is reliable. The bike is large in size and quite sturdy as well. It can be trusted on all sorts of surfaces and it is easy to maintain.


The Columba SP26S comes with a remarkable price tag and is also quite durable. It is perfect for those riders who are looking for a folding mountain bike within a set budget.


The bike comes with a Shimano 18 speed feature which is a remarkable feature to have at such an affordable rate. It also comes with a set of gears that helps in easy transition between gears and it allows the rider to have more control and handle while riding the bike.


The frame of this particular folding mountain bike is made using high grade steel. But still, it is incredibly light in weight when it is compared to other steel framed bicycles. This helps make it much more easier to be carried around without it feeling like a burden on the rider. The foldability of the bike is a great feature to have as it becomes compact once you have folded it. You can also easily place it in the back of your car.


The wheels featured on the Columba are tough and thick is width about 26″. The width of the wheels helps make your ride more comfortable as well as stable. The rims featured on these wheels are made up of an alloy material. This helps increase their durability and they can thus easily be ridden on any sort of surface and come out unharmed.


  • Its seat can be adjusted according to your height
  • It is durable and rides well even on unpaved surfaces
  • This bike is easy to ride and control as well
  • It features an alloy kickstand for your convenience
  • Its front handle stem can be easily removed for your help


  • This bike is not suitable for people who are tall
  • If you fold this bike, then you cannot lock it
  • The main matter is that its brake handles are made of plastic which is quite risky


The Columba SP26S is a bike that comes with features unlike any other bike in the market and comes with a price tag which is quite affordable as well. For an entry level rider, the bike is a great buy and has exceptional specifications. The positive features of the Columba overcome any little drawbacks the bike comes with. This particular bike has made quite a name in the bicycle market. The bike is sized at 26″ and comes in yellow color which will make its rider stand out from the rest. It is durable and comfortable and will make sure that your ride is smooth and stable no matter what the conditions.


Last on our list for the best folding mountain bikes is the Xspec 26″ 21 speed folding mountain bike. now this bike, it is one that is hard to find. Especially when it comes to finding it in the folding bike community. Xspec has made this bike in a uniquely stylish way. Even though it is stylish it is still great when it comes to performance. It does not stop the rider from doing what they choose and helps them stay easy and stable. It does not create much issue as it can be ridden on road and off road as well. the Xspec 26″ 21 speed folding mountain bike is what the bike market has been looking for for such a long time.


The Xspec 21 speed folding mountain bike comes equipped with wheels which are sized at 26″. They can be used on all sorts of surfaces. You can ride the bike at high speeds on the paved roads of the city and it will also keep you stable on rough, unpaved and rocky roads. The wheels are quite large in size but they work well even on a folding bike.


The bike is easy to fold and it also comes packaged with an instruction manual to help you out. After being folded, the bike can be placed in the back of your car with ease. Purchasing a folding mountain bike can be a little troublesome when compared to your typical folding bike but if you require a bike for your off road adventures then the Xspec is the best bike out there for you.


This particular Xspec model comes with a lot of gear speeds so that you are confident in riding the bike and worry free no matter what type of road you are riding it on. The gears help in easy shifting between gears and between the 21 speeds. The folding bike is equipped with shock absorbers on the front as well as the rear side of the bike. These shock absorbers have been made using high quality material to ensure that the rider achieves maximum performance when out riding the bike. The bike easily absorbs any shocks or bumps even on the most uneven and difficult of trails. 


  • You can ride this bike on road and off road as well
  • It has 26″ wheels that will help the bike maintain a fast pace
  • It is large
  • The XSPEC 26″ 21-SPEED FOLDING MOUNTAIN BIKE has been made with high quality material that makes the bike well built


  • It has thick tires that are hard to remove and will use up your energy
  • It is bulky so it gets hard to transport everywhere alone


This particular bike may not be one of the most refined folding bikes you will find out there in the market but it is one of the best folding bikes that you will find at this price tag. It can be used in a variety of different weather and surfaces and always gets done and done well.


When it comes to buying a best folding mountain bike then there are a few things to keep check of. Those are the weight and the dimension of the bike when it gets folded. You should always test that if it fits in your car trunk or not. Also, it should be easy and quick. The bike should not be hard or too loose. Besides all that the suspension of the bike is too important because mountains are bumpy and unleveled. All these points have been ticked off when we made this list of best folding mountain bikes for everyone.

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