Is it hard to ride a Road bike? | Mistakes Beginners Make with Road Bike

Are you questioning yourself that is it hard to ride a road bike? If this is the case then you need to avoid the most common mistakes a beginner makes when riding road bikes with gears.

You must already be aware by now that there are bike shifting systems like Shimano, Campagnolo, and SRAM. In all the cases the levers function differently. Thus you need to have a decent understanding of how your bike gear works before hitting the road. You will get a grip on your gear with practice.

You need to practice shifting up and down of the gear before heading towards a sloped terrain. Below are five common problems that a starter rider faces thus dive into them and see how you can avoid them.

The Problem of Crossing the chain

First of all, you need to realize that it is not awful or something worse would not happen if you cross your chain and it is normal. Mostly every rider, once in a lifetime, has experienced the issue but they learn the lesson and ensure it does not happen for the rest of their cycling journey. There can be few possibilities of crossing the chain, where the first is the chain being on the big chainring and in that case, you will experience the most resistance.

The second case of crossing the chain occurs when the chain gets on the largest cassette cog which offers the least resistance. If you are wondering that what happen when he crossing the chain occurs on the small chainring, well in that the chain gets forced to stretch. This stretch than can case further rattling noise resulting in the chain slipping. This, in turn, decreases efficiency and wastes your energy. The best approach to avoiding this problem is by staying the cogs that offer the most resistance. If you are questioning that when you should drop into the smaller ring then do this when you require the least resistance that when riding into the wind.

High Gears

Many starters do not realize that using high gear makes the cadence sink. Every rider maintains a different rpm but keeping it somewhere between 70 to 80 makes it a sensible option. If your bike does not have a cadence monitor then you will not get a perfect idea but despite that, you can count the revolutions.

As a beginner, it will require some effort to find the cadence that works for you. There can be a time when you find yourself pushing hard and that too slow on the pedals which is a sign for you to make use of lower gears. You need to avoid over-gearing in every case else you will encounter the knee pain. Spinning won’t help you thus just shift up.

Wrong Adjustment of Levers

Lastly, you need to pay close attention and see whether you have wide handlebars, too long stem or distant lever. If you find difficulty in reaching the brake levers then you need to get the adjustments done before you hit the road. Many women get the unisex bikes and it is fine to have them but you need to get the adjustments done, s women have different body sizes than men.