how to reset a bike lock

How to Reset a Bike Lock Using the Simplest Method in 2022

How to reset a bike lock – A bike lock is a vital accessory for every bike owner but is often overlooked. A lot of people don’t see the need for a bike lock- until their bike is stolen.

Bike thieves are surprisingly common, so it’s important not to get careless, especially if you live in an apartment building and your bike is kept somewhere other than your actual apartment because you don’t have enough space. 

Regularly resetting your bike lock is an efficient extra precaution to ensure the security of your bike. But how do you actually do this?

The following will provide a step by step guide to resetting your bike lock, as well as everything else you might need to know about these devices. 

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How To Reset A Number Bike Lock

The majority of bike locks will have number combinations, rather than letter combinations (but letter bike locks can be reset in exactly the same way). The combination has four numbers.

The first step to resetting your bike lock is entering the correct combination to unlock the device. This will either be the combination you set up yourself or the preset combination that was provided by the bike lock’s manufacturer. Once you’ve entered the right combination, pull the lock away from its housing. 

Now you’re onto actually resetting the lock. Once you’ve opened the device, you should see a dial. This dial should have the word ‘set’ on it. You can put the lock into ‘set’ mode by rotating this dial by 180 degrees. 

Now you’ll be choosing a new combination. Simply turn each of the number dials until you’re happy with the combination displayed.

Just like when you’re thinking of a password for your emails, try to choose a number that only you would know. Make a note of your password somewhere safe, in case you forget it. 

Next, turn the ‘set’ dial counter-clockwise until it’s returned to its original position. Put back in the lock cable and test the new combination.

Your bike lock has now been reset. Remember to scramble the numbers before leaving the bike unattended. 

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How To Reset A Traditional Bike Lock

how to reset a bike lock combination and key

Some manufacturers produce more traditional bike locks. Rather than having four number (or letter) combinations, these look more like the locks you might envision when you hear that very word.

Luckily, no key will be required, as these locks are also opened using a combination of numbers. 

First, unlock your bike lock with the correct combination (whether it’s a combination that you set, or one that was provided to you by the manufacturer).

Pull the lock from its housing and find the reset lever. In some cases your lock won’t have a reset lever, in which case it will have come packaged with a reset tool.

The reset lever will be a small lever that can be found next to the lock’s dials, but if you don’t have one, insert the reset tool until you hear a click.

Flip your reset lever so it’s flat against the head of the lock. Now, rotate the lock’s dials to each of your new four numbers. Then you can either flip the lever back into its original position or remove your reset tool from the lock.

Re-insert the cable into the housing, and at this point, you can test the lock by scrambling the dial and entering the new combination. Just remember to scramble it again once you’re leaving the bike unattended. 

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Bike Locks

What Should I Do If I’ve Forgotten The Combination For My Bike Lock?

If you’ve forgotten your bike lock’s combination, don’t panic. If there’s a nearby locksmith, they are likely to have extensive knowledge of every kind of lock, including bike locks.

They should be able to get into your lock quite easily, so you can reset it and regain peace of mind. 

It’s best to go to a locksmith if you forget the code to your bike lock, as trying to get into it yourself might end up damaging the lock irreparably- or, depending on where you’re trying to get into it, you could also be accused of trying to steal your own bike. And that wouldn’t be very ideal unless you’ve been eager to live out your own sitcom B-plot. 

Can You Break A Bike Lock With A Hammer?

Yes, you could probably break the majority of bike locks by hitting the keyhole area repeatedly. That doesn’t mean it’s recommended, though.

If your problem is simply that you’ve forgotten the combination, consult with a locksmith, and they should be able to get your bike unlocked in no time. 

It might have also occurred to you to use ice to break your lock, but although the water inside your lock will expand roughly 9% when you freeze it, it’s unlikely to do much more than crack the metal slightly. 

Are There Any Bike Locks That Can’t Be Picked?

There are certainly some very durable bike locks, like the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit U-lock. But, at the end of the day, the vast majority of locks would eventually be picked by an expert.

how to reset bike lock

It’s rare that a lock would have absolutely zero weak points. What matters is investing in a lock that, while not perfect, is likely to take a thief far too long to pick, in which case they’d be unlikely to go to so much effort. 

Conclusion: How To Reset Bike Lock

Owning a bike lock is vital- and knowing how to reset that bike lock is equally important. You should reset your lock regularly, at least a few times a year or after you let someone borrow the bike. 

Resetting the lock is a very simple process, whether you have a number combination lock, a letter combination lock, or a U-lock. Just remember to scramble the dial(s) once you’ve locked up your bike, and to take note of the combination somewhere just in case you forget it.

How to Reset a Bike Lock Using the Simplest Method in 2022