Cheap Road Bikes Under 200 (1)

Cheap Road Bikes Under 200

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Cheap road bikes under 200 are reviewed in this article, the ones which offers the best of their capabilities in the price range. It will be unjustified to expect “no improvement areas†or “attention-seeking aspects†at $200.

At the same time, it will be unjustified to not get decent speed transition, responsive braking capabilities, and appreciable alignment at this price .

Rigorous research has been carried out by editors to bring just the best options at this price and to save up your time. Top 10 cheap road bikes under $200 will help you to drill down your options and finalize the one for you.

You might want to start with cheap road bikes under 200 for varying reasons. The good news is that there are cheap road bikes under 200 out there which can be termed as reliable ones. Even the cheap road bikes can offer miles of power, durability and optimum speed.

If you are a beginner then it can become an overwhelming job to avail the best option out there present in the market.

 EUROBIKE XC550 (Cheap road bikes under 200)

Alluring aesthetics is just not enough, best and cheap road bikes under 200 should also be  performance-oriented aspect. Exactly this recipe has been used in the built of this aero-dynamic user-friendly bike. The 26-inch user-friendly Eurobike never fails to impress the user owing to the wide valuable features it offers.

The steel is used cleverly in the frame such that it doesn’t boost the numbers on weighing scale. The lightweight steel takes the form of tapered tubes after being molded and gives the frame its curvature.

The whole idea is to elevate air resistance which rider is sure to fight with. Impressive stat of this model is being 8% more efficient against drag forces, this percentage is a way too higher than the other models by the manufacturer.

Paint job showers the frame with elegance turning it into a strikingly attractive combo of black, white and red.


As far as the drivetrain is concerned then it functions efficiently, owing to the high reliability of Shimano components. The components offer an appreciable response rate to the shifters which ensures an overall smooth ride.

There have been few complaints about the transmission gear and hub not working up to the mark. These complaints are the result of the improper fitting. To let every component to perform its best, one needs to get the assistance of professional for tightening and alignment.


It is jaw-dropping to find disk brakes in a bike which is so cheaply prized. Disk brakes are the most powerful ones in terms of braking power and effective stopping ability. They do not bother the riders with noise. Fitting disk brake in the cheap model is like offering valuable rarity.


700x28c tires integrated into Double-walled wheels ensures stability-inducing ride which roots the rider in a balanced position on any terrain.


As far as the comfort is concerned, then the seat seemed to be more inclined than it is supposed to be which may not be as comforting as expected. But it can be fine-tuned if found such discomfort. Though the handlebars coupled with saddle are ergonomic.
The extended versatility of this bike is worth appreciating as it can flip its role from cruising road bike to swift speed bike.


  • Tough steel frame with tight geometry
  • Aerodynamically feasible
  • Offers a lifetime warranty for the frame
  • Dual disk brakes provide more precise stopping power
  • Availability of Kickstand
  • Fairly easy to assemble
  • Can be personalized (offers a range of colors and designs)
  • Generous height limits


  • Heavier compared to other standard road bikes
  • A bit inclined saddle can cause discomfort for beginners


There is one mood killer aspect of this cheap road bikes under 200 which is being a bit heavy. This bike should surely make up to the top of your list as this offers more than priced for. For availing its optimum performance it is highly suggestible that you get it assembled through an experienced and professional mechanic. EUROBIKE XC550 is great for offering drug-resistant geometry and can provide worth remembering riding experience.

Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike

The Giordano Rapido should make up your list of cheap road bikes under 200. It is a highly durable beautifully constructed bike with an overall fantastic design. This Italian inspired road bike offers an attractive combination of a stunningly modern yet classic look. With high components like gear and rims, the Giordano Libero owns few features that are only found in the expensive bikes. Giordano Libero Acciao is perfect for any gender.


If you are not aware then fixie is a bike which allows the rider to avail single speed with bike requiring pedaling for moving forward. With less moving parts, these fixed gear bikes ensure reliability. Riders time mostly gets wasted in the adjustments, but with this time rider spends actual time riding the bike. With embedded flip-flops, you can surely avail flexible riding options. Use it as a fixed gear or freewheel mode. The hub is located at the rear for fast and simple gear selections. Easy to control, precise 14-speed Shimano Tourney STI drivetrain offers a reliable and smooth riding experience


With durable, high-quality steel frame and fork, Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike offers a long-lasting riding experience and appeals to many for repeated use. Road abuse gets well-handles by the horizontal dropouts and tough hand-crafted high-tensile steel frame.
The bike is lightweight in a true sense of the word, with a weight of only about 25.5 pounds. But no compromise has been made on the sturdiness, as it can handle crashes very smoothly.


One needs to bear in mind that is not designed for touring but for casual riding. This solid inexpensive bike is loved by beginners, enthusiasts for its value at this price. Suited for long term use, this bike fits professionals as well as beginners. It owns a large size thus comfortable for tall riders. It also fits best for students who are trying to get cheap options for commuting to and fro school. The lightweight, versatile model can be also used for exercise purposes.

Kenda Tires

The 32-hole alloy wheels roll on thick and loud 700 x 32 Kenda tires which handles the drive easily and efficiently. The wheels are light and thin which ensures flawlessly bike handling.


There are several road bikes which fail to offer accurate and precise placement of handlebars. But this bike is different. Handlebars are on ideal position thus one doesn’t feel like slumping over. Riders do not need to stretch for attaining ideal postures or bent. Just sit and ride with comfort.

Alloy Side Pull Brakes

Road bikes are all about speed and speeding is fun after all. But reliable braking power is an absolute necessity when riding these bikes. Alloy side pull brakes offers greater brake performance, stable and consistent grip. These brakes ensure smooth braking by expelling heat and dust from the pad at a rapid pace.

Weak point

Not everything can not be perfect with the bike in this price range thus there are components which need attention. For instance the aluminum wheels and seat. One needs to get adjusted to the seat before feeling its comfort.


  • Lightweight but tough tubular steel frame
  • Protect from road shock owing to larger size tires
  • Flip flop hub so Manageable precise speed(14-speed)
  • Functional features for beginners and novice road bikers
  • High-Quality Components at this price
  • Offers a comfortable riding posture. (even to tall riders)
  • Perfect road bikes for women & men.


  • Needs to be Assembled by professional
  • Some Components will need future replacement (Needs a Little Upgrade later)
  • Rare noise from drivetrain (may need fine-tuning)


The Giordano Bikes has maintained appreciable popularity in the bike industry. Talking about specifications of this bike model, then the bike is a great bet for starts/learners as they can make adjustments way to easily as per preference. Riders are already aware that fine-tuning is required from their end of bikes at this price and this bike is no different. With a bit of modification and adjustments, one can transform the riding experience. You will have to slightly tune such cheap road bikes under 200. In short avail the decent specs and get a professional tune-up for minor issues.

Vilano R2 Commuter Review

Vilano R2 can be considered as one of  the best road bikes under 200 as it offers great features. This bike is perfected with performance-oriented sublime construction. It doesn’t only offers striking design but also becomes a treat at the road during rides. The aesthetics sparks black glossy color dotted with green grants for rich appeal.

The Frame

Riders must be aware that aluminum bikes tend to be a bit pricier. But this bike is a separate case and is much more affordable. Aluminum is a pricey metal owing to its high strength and lightweight properties. The tubular frame along with the drop bar configuration gifts an overall stiffness and sturdiness to the bike. Such strength is vital absorbing the shock.

Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike facilitates the riders with 6061 aluminum double-butted frame which owns no loopholes and only perfect welds. The frame offers a traditional appeal with a glossy look. The well constructed sturdily built frame own neat weld with the shape up to the expectations.

One can easily push to over the slopey terrain owing to a lightweight frame. This ability expands the riding abilities with this bike. The durability of the frame makes the bike even more worthy of purchase. One can easily party out in the rain without penning any fear of the riding catching rust.


Wondering the exceptional best thing about this bike? Drivetrain. It is equipped with powerful Shimano Tourney Derailleur which offers smooth functionality. It becomes hard to digest that one is riding on a cheap road bike.

Vilano for drivetrain (shifters and derailleur system) uses Shimano components owing to the credible and high-performance parts. Shifter and derailleur both work in syn to ensure flawless and smooth-riding experience possible.

The best part is about the accuracy of gears which amazes the riders. Smoother gear changes at this price are what surprise the riders of this bike.

One needs to get used to friction shift sitting on the front rings. STI shifting is not so innovation now where speed shifting and braking gets incorporated in one component. STI is surprisingly easy to maintain.

One can avail up to 21-speed levels owing to Shimano A050 thumb rear indexed 7-speed and front friction 3-speed. Riders thus own the opportunity to their effort and ride in any terrain with maximum smoothness. Such a range of speed is not easily attainable in the bike options less than $500.


For facilitating the riders with commendable braking power, Vilano R2 offers alloy caliper brakes. This brake works exceptionally well under all road conditions be it dry or wet. Alloy caliper brakes are one of its class when it comes to performance be it in a race or long rally. Even brake level feels very natural and neutral. A rider may need to make some adjustments with brake lever according to the preference and height.

Wheel Set & Tires

As far as the unconventionally shaped tires are concerned then the double-walled tires own 36 spokes which ensure immense support.

The non-traditional tubes differ in size and profile which results in better stiffness. One can easily attach the tires with frame owing to the well-working quick releases skewer. So. overall the intend of the wheelset is served fairly. Though there can a possibility of tires not remaining as durable.


Many riders will make up their mind that this 27lb will in no way be sturdy. But this perception will shift completely one you meet the streets with it and get paddling.

Vilano Bike Assembly

Riders won’t agree to this more than its assembly is a piece of the pie. Easy to follow manual helps in quick hassle-free assembly. It should not take more than 30 minutes to assemble the bike.

You need to adjust cables, brakes, and gears according to your preference. You will find an attached rear wheel. You will have to make a little effort of attaching pedals, seat, handlebars, and front wheels but this won’t drain much of your time.


  • Attractively neat bike with a variety of color combinations
  • Precisely accurate ride with premium high-quality parts
  • Manages well with any sort of terrain ( both flat and hilly terrain.)
  • Feels smooth, as it looks quick-release skewers aiding in easy swap-out
  • Urban comfort saddle.
  • Easy and less time-consuming assembly
  • Convenient to drop in the car and get going on/off-road quickly


  • Quicker deflation of inner tube, faster replacement
  • New more comfortable seats are recommended to be replaced for longer rides
  • Unappreciable shape of the tires could use a little better ones
  • No much space for mounting a phone
  • Doesn’t offer a kickstand


Lightweight aluminum frame Vilano R2 Road Bike with a strong drivetrain system offers a great riding experience. One might take time to get used to of speed shifters. Overall, this , one of the cheap road bikes under 200, is decently balanced and makes a great candidate for a cheap yet performance-oriented bike. In our opinion, it offers more than it is priced for. This bicycle is quite the gem, affordable yet sturdy.

Kent GZR700 Road Bike

Several are not aware of a decent riding experience which this cheap road bike under 200 has to offer.

Design / Frame

Kent Gzr700  is aerodynamic design is reliable thus makes an ideal choice for commuting. This sturdily built impressive road bike is designed with precision for worthy biking experience. It owns a stability-inducing body which ensures balance and an incredibly safe ride.

One can easily pick up speeds in a comfortable fashion. Hinting towards its other features, high tensile steel frame ( built around a tig welded) coupled with a fork is of solid built which offers appreciable roughness. You can thus confidently pedal away.


The bike offers more room for control and versatile handling with 21-speed shifters. These shifters also ensure softening out bumps.

The bike makes use of caliper brake is are generally the most common ones used on bikes and largely known for being sleek, simple and strong. The standard, dependable brake offers amazingly firm control, allowing you to stop sharply without any difficulty.

The reliability of the stem shifters owes to the trust built up by Shimano over years which not only offers a smooth but long-lasting experience. If a rider wants to get quickly used to of GZR700 then consistency will be needed. Once one gets used to then issues of posture leading toward back pain will not be a problem.


As far as other factors relating to the comfort is concerned then shifter is attached to the center stems of handlebars. This design puts them away from the rider’s reach for at least 3 to 4 inches (if on top of handle) and about 8 inches (if on lower position).

The placement of the shifting levers is not much suitably convenient and can get a trickier experience for beginners to adapt with.

The rider will have to divorce a hand from the handlebars for adjusting the speed. For top-notch cycling experience and overall premium look, Kent GZR700 features alloy Vitesse 36 rims.

A comfortable seat with high capacity carriage (250 pounds weight limit) is what every rider deserves and Kent offers it all.


  • Appreciable speed (wide variety of speed shifters)
  • Sturdy frame has been tested against time and can endure extreme stress and strain.
  • Wheel forks offer a firm standing
  • Smooth ride on uneven roads
  • Equipped with padded bike seats for a comfortable ride (protection against cramps of long-distance riders)
  • Best in range
  • Easy quick brake


  • Maximum ability to hold 250 pounds
  • It weighs 31.2 pounds (not convenient for some)


This bike can be truly termed as one of the cheap road bikes under 200 which is fairly priced against the features it offers. This can surely drive you through rocky mountain without tossing your off the bike. Offer minimal body effects on uncomfortable riding paths.

Overall, the Kent GZR700 road bike is cheap yet quality pick and ideal especially for beginners. With a reliable brake system, streamline stability-inducing body along with other features mentioned above, this bike is all set to take any rider on the decent riding experience. By meeting the affordability requirement, KENT GZR700 Road Bike in no way compromises on the quality.

Takara Kabuto – cheap road bikes under 200

One may not go gaga over the design which this cheap bike under 200 offers. But one will not resist appreciating it for performance. It offers a rare feature which is not largely common in several road bikes and that being offered the multi-mode capability. Riders can avail either the single gear or freewheel option as per convenience. This mechanism has been achieved with the usage of a flip-flop hub.


As far as freewheel is concerned then it enables riders to coast downhill while disconnecting the drive hub and pedals. This facility allows the pressure of excess pedaling power (applied for uphill riding) to dampen.


The simply tight geometry features steel frame. To reduce the overall weight of the bike which steel already makes up, the model embeds a lot of premium quality alloy parts for bikes construction. This accounts in the net weight of 33 pounds of the bike. Thin, strong frame tubes with fork facilitate the bike with additional rigidity while effectively dampening down the vibrations.


700x32c tires are embedded in a wheel of 32 durable alloy spokes, both these elements ensure maximum performance especially in the off-road terrains. Sometimes tarmac route is not the safest one to go after. In that case, riders can avail the bumpy roads with this bike as its strong wheels offer smooth rider even on cracks


Next, for ache-free and relaxing commute, riders can utilizer alloy pull brakes.


For maximum comfort and multiple holding positions, the bike offers adjustable handlebars.


  • Not priceyLong-lasting wheelsMultimode functionality
  • Tig-welded steel frame
  • Alloy brakes and padded saddle


  • Not much visually appealing
  • Limited offer of single speed bike


In a nutshell, this bike is simply sturdy with diverse usage. It is better in resisting the road abuse than other road bikes and a great bet under 200.

MERAX Fitness (cheap road bikes under 200)

Wondering how Merax manages to become part of nearly every best road bikes lists? Well, this well-reputed company has bundled up trust and reliability over the years.

The bikes manufactured by merax are not only known for accessorized hybrid bikes, pricey gravel bikes or mountain bikes with suspension. But the list also adds cheap road bikes. This lightweight model weighs about 28 pounds thus can be easily fitted is a racing road bike category.


Resisting its pleasant aesthetics is not an easy job. It is brushed up with 3 different colors, each one blended with a simple, classy and attractive design. As its outer doesn’t fail to impress, the same goes for its performance capabilities.

This sturdy bike owns aluminum aerodynamic frame which is flattened unlike being cylindrical like many other road bikes. This frame features allow the bike to go quicker with maximum speed leaving behind others or all the competitors. The best part about it being flexible in carrying a higher range of weight (about 330lbs)


Many riders prefer the components of Shimano within their bike, owing to the optimum service they have been offering since ages. The Shimano derailleurs coupled with speed shifters of 21 speeds enable the rider to whiz past easily on a range of platforms.


The wheel own double-walled rims with 36 spokes. It adds on to the ability to provide support on rough, rugged, dangerous roads. Detachment and attachment is a quite hassle-free job owing to quick-release mechanism fitted with the front wheel.


Talking about extras, then this bike doesn’t fail to impress riders with an aluminum kickstand, a bottle holder and a free pannier bag. These components are treated as after all you don’t have to purchase it separately like in other bikes.
long and thin saddle.


Presence of reflectors on the handlebar, on tires and beside the saddle ensures maximum safety by altering other vehicles on the road of your bike’s presence.

Attention needed area

As far as the comfort is concerned then handlebars could have been a bit nearer. The curved handlebars are fine to manage from top but handling them from the bottom, makes rider’s positioning awkward. This short-coming though can be ignored, as it has been a highly acceptable road bike at this cheap price.


  • Lightweight
  • The appreciable speed with attractive aesthetics
  • Shimano derailleurs & shifters
  • Quick-release mechanism
  • Extras like Included bag, kickstand + bottle holder
  • Good support by 36 spokes in the wheel


  • Handlebar could have been better designed


MERAX Fitness is a great pick as not only does it offer stunning appeal but worth appreciating overall running capabilities. Though it carries only a disadvantage of the weird handlebar. But, such factors can be overlooked in these cheap road bikes under 200.

Muddyfox Road 14 Road Bike

This cheap road bike under 200 has been rated after analyzing several key areas. The Muddyfox Road 14 is a great beginner-friendly option and thus can be availed as a good entry-level one.

This performance-oriented bike at a competitive price is simply designed without any overwhelming feature.

Feature Analysis

With hi-tensile 56cm lightweight steel frame, 28c road tires and 700c double-walled rims this bike is all set to offer a decent ride. With all these specifications, the tires of muddy fox road 14 road bike enable minimize road and air drag, yielding a smooth tread.

The tires own the ability to grip the road well especially at cuts and upon a sudden brake. If the bike remains protected against damages then tires will offer a strong, durable and long-lasting service.

The alloy brake levers are equipped with caliper brakes which offer appreciable stopping response. Brake levers are not hypersensitive but a rider can expect a quick and safe stop. With just minor configuration one can easily adjust the brake pads.


Drop styled adjustable handlebars are home to 14 speed Shimano gear shifter. With a slick black & yellow finish, this tidy road bike offers some additional features. For managing riders comforts, especially for long rides, the bike owns standard road bike pedals with adjustable sports saddle.

But comfort is limited to this only as it doesn’t do much for riders in-term of suspension. One doesn’t experience cushioned ride comfort instead feels road quite well (saddle and handlebars being the source of transferred vibrations).

This results in sporty feel! Though the bike will feel smooth on even surfaces and unchallenged terrain.


  • It weighs around 14kg (impressive despite featuring a chunky size frame)
  • A great bet for commuting at high speeds (owing to 14 gear speed )


  • Uncushioned ride


Useful components of this cheap road bike under 200 provides a great value. One doesn’t have to make a heavy financial commitment to avail this bike. From a simple design to simple yet useful features, this great entry-level bike sounds a reasonable bet.

 lacRoyal London Fixed Gear Speed Bike

Fond of bright yellow color? This fixed-gear speed bike offers this charming and simple style. It comes with sturdy 22 steel frame which is primarily white but owns black and light blue places.

This frame leads through an alloy stem and it is considerably small which makes it not an ideal option for tall riders. The bike offers adjustable saddle and standard black plastic paddles .

The first thing one will notice in Wanda 700c x 25c tires is its blue color. If you are a type of a rider who doesn’t appreciate several heads turning during the ride then you should go for a less flamboyant color scheme.

The combination of the yellow body with blue exceptionally unique tires is not digested by many. Though the other color scheme also includes a pop of bright green in the adjustable saddle. A burst of colors won’t leave you easily if you opt for royal London fixed gear speed bike.


With the inclusion of brakes, Royal London has met road safety regulations. The attached front and rare v brakes are pretty decent in over braking power and the response. Riders can stop quickly and safely.


Equipped with a comfortable seat, this bike offers a smooth ride. As far as the weight of the bike is concerned then it weighs about 14kgs. Though this size is in contention with many road bikes, it can be not an ideal option for a daily commute.


  • A fluorescent shade of yellow can make heads turn on a daily commute
  • Features a flip flop rear hub so the rider can avail single speed or fixed gear


  • For proper and smooth functioning, riders need to frequently lubricate and clean the bike
  • Too small and a bit heavy thus not an ideal candidate for a daily commute


There is no hole of doubt that Royal London has tried to turn creative and unique which many best road bikes under 200 lacks. The design of this bike is surely not like many road bikes. It offers simple features which are sufficient for safe riding and that too in this price.

Muddyfox Voyager 100 Mens Road Bike

The Muddyfox Voyager 100 road bike is ideal for novice and intermediate riders. Its key features include 18 speed Shimano Tourney gears along with Revoshift shifters, steel touring frame, a standard chain guard with black plastic pedals.


With Promax front and rear alloy V-brakes, the bike response quite well upon stopping engagement. The brakes are well-reviewed and are known for being effective. As far as the sensitivity of the levers is concerned then it is quite normal, requiring less configuration from rider’s end.


Equipped with 700C double-walled alloy wheels and mudguards (rear + front), Muddyfox Voyager 100 offers a smooth ride. These wheels come with 700 x 38c trekking tires which best fit the long rides.

If the riders remain careful and avoid damage then these wheels are highly durable and should ideally last longer than expected. One thing to note here is that tread is a bit heavier of this muddy fox compared with the other road bikes.

Riders though don’t have to strain their every nerve and glide through the air with maximum effort, as thin tires of muddy fox vogayer 100 has gone one covered in this aspect.

This bike doesn’t need tires upgrade which overall lowers riders expense in the long run. One will notice the tires being slightly chunkier than the standard road bikes which make the riding experience on dangerously uneven terrain a lot more smoother.

Handlebars + Extras

Hinting towards extras, which many road bikes lack, this bike has got the riders covered with an enjoyable experience. For easing out rider’s posture and positioning, this bike owns slightly curved handlebars.

Chainguard and mud flaps are purposely installed to protect the rider from the showered up mud along the way. The bike offers a comfortable saddle which is an absolute essential for a long journey.

Every rider needs a place to drop in the extras and in that case kickstand accumulate all the praises. Storage is a necessity and sadly very few bike models cater to this need of a rider, especially the ones which are cheap.

An alloy pannier rack situated over rear wheel allows the transportation of items. Another great perk for the riders! All these extras are appreciated but not when they account for much of the bike’s weight!
As the bike is equipped with several extras which no doubt is the reason behind its 16kgs weight. An average road bike weighs about 14kgs which makes Muddyfox quite higher in comparison.


This  cheap road bike under 200 offers a lot of shred in exchange of not a lot of cash. Its heaviness doesn’t make it an ideal candidate for a daily commute.

Muddyfox Womens Voyager Bike

Women also need cool looking best road bikes under 200 to stay fit and meet their daily transportation requirement. In that case, Muddyfox Women’s voyager 100 bicycle is not an option to ignore. It features 18-speed setting gear and 17-19 inches steel frame suspension.

This suspension surely makes an overall difference in the riding experience by smoothing out the ride on rugged terrains. Equipped with 700C alloy wheels and high-quality fork, the bike offers a better grip and overall control in the riding experience.

Rigid forks are essential for rooting the bike to the ground with adequate strength. A rider can avail the alloy pannier rack.


As far as the handlebars of the touring bike are concerned then the backswept alloy handlebars allow overall versatile all-around handling, easing out your riding experience in every sort of platforms.

The bike offers a decent brake system which enables the rider to adjust the speed on slopey terrain, again a vital aspect for voyaging.


The bike also facilitates the riders with Shimano 18 Speed tourney gears which own Revoshift Shifters for handling grip and speed adjustments.

Safety and Comfort

Safety is another important checklist which every road bike has to meet. And these bikes cater to this responsibility by offering reliable frame.

The highly durable bike offers front and rear mudguards, comfortable saddles and alloy kickstand which boost the stability of the bike, especially during parking.

If one is unsatisfied with the kickstand then it is just the matter of kicking it for changing one, no additional tools required. The adds on make the bike slightly heavier than other average road bikes. It weighs around 16 kg.


As far as its assembling is concerned then you get back wheel fitted with gear and brakes. You will have to attach handlebars, front wheel, and saddle which is quite an easy process.


  •  High-quality materials used.
  • Easy speed setting (shifters easy to operate)
  •  Attractive color pallette with a fantastic design
  •  Smooth peddling owing to sun tour XCE mechanics


A decent cheap road bike for women to avail under 200.

Schwinn Women’s Phocus 1600 700C Drop Bar Road Bicycle 

The stylish versatile bike model offers an incredibly fun, efficient and easy riding experience. This sleek bike composed of a durable aluminum frame holds the wheels with a carbon fiber fork.

Enjoy a fast controlled ride with 16-speed drivetrain with MicroShift embedded in brake levers. The location of the shifter is ideal, as it sits on the handles for easier control. Durable tires make it adds up to smooth traction.


  • Stylish bike with a durable frame
  • Offers Smooth traction
  • Fast gear changes and 16-speed


This easier to control versatile cheap road bike is not only stylish but durable and lightweight.

Final words for cheap road bikes under 200:

The best and cheap road bikes under 200 mentioned above can easily accommodate people of varying needs. But there are also a few more cheap road bikes under 200 which you can add up to your list. They include Trinx, Hiland, Vilano rampage, and Schwinn Volare 1200 Men’s Road Bike. Some might not be available thus were not included in the review. But these can all make up a good choice overall.

Note: If you are puzzled as to go for road bike or mountain bike, then this article has got you covered.

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